Pumpin Pumpkin

A guy who had a smallholding, was growing a few pumpkins to sell for Halloween. He noticed that several had holes gouged in them and started to keep a check on them. Every Sunday morning, he found another pumpkin had been gouged.

The next Saturday, when it got dark, armed with his shotgun, he hid and waited to see what was happening to his pumpkins. After a few hours, he saw a cyclist dismount and climb over his fence. The cyclist selected a nice pumpkin, cut a hole in it and dug out the soft fleshy inside, then..he unzipped his pants and stuck his knob in the pumpkin and proceeded to shag it.

The raging smallholder rushed out of hiding, pointed the shotgun at the pervert and screamed. "What the fuck are you doing with your prick shoved in my pumpkin?"

The pervert, sounding astonished, said...."Christ! is it midnight already?"
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