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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Kitmarlowe, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Just given it a day to calm down and think about the latest FTX I've enjoyed.....

    To be honest it was back to Fag packet planning, which to my mind meant a large chunk of the time was wasted on frankly pump serials on a training area crawling with about 3 other units. I know it's always difficult to judge how to plan an FTX because you never know who's going to turn up and how many bodies there will be to play with but why the f**k do they insist on throwing together an orbat at midnight on the friday and throw us straight into an FTX for which none of the skills have been practised or, even worse, taught?

    And who else is getting bored of the Sunday morning Dawn attack? why can't we start having dawn attacks on Saturday or mid day attacks, or twilight attacks...and then move into routine? All we are teaching is get up daft O'Clock, tab somewhere, lie around a bit, run a round a bit, get your gat dirty and then that's it.....War over, Post FTX admin, breakfast and on the truck....why not do the attack Saturday, recover to FOB/whatever and go into routine.....

    And breath......anger out, calmness in......
  2. It sounds to me as if your chain of command is caught in a cold war time warp. This was the sort of weak concept training I was doing 20 years ago (esp the dawn attack!). Can you not get some of your officers WO2s who have been deployed to put in some input?
  3. Why break the established pattern

    Fri night harbour up
    Sat day - patrol
    Sat - night patrol
    Sat late/Sun early - harbour gets attacked
    Sun am - Dawn attack
  4. Mostly cos I'm bored of it and all the old sweats are bored. When you're getting a full screw with 27 years service grumping to you that it's dull, boring, pointless and totally pump then you're starting to look at the lads you need to turn up, not bothering because it's FTX Mk I, attempt 1003. And doing the same FTX, with different colouring pens, is dull, dull, dull......

    Some of the attempts to create Battlesims has vanished, with no attempt to think about what we're supposed to be doing, accorrding to the letter. Supposedly this weekend was about Afganhistan, yet we did a dawn attack on a wooded area.........Go Figure.

    It's not helped by the never ending refusal to ask troops who have been in theatre how it actually runs for real...After 10 years I'm getting a bit thin on this. In 1997 we did a "Bosnia" FTX, during that weekend a serial was run that ended up with a member of civpop shot for grabbing a weapon out of a vehicle. The DS made himself look a twat by insisting that was a wrong shooting, only to have 2 JNCO's and the PC pull out RoE cards from Bosnia, in date, that stated that Civipop who attempted to steal weapons from SFOR troops could be challenged and shot. In 2007 I'm still watching DS make themselves look twats by insisting we do things that aren't kosher....
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Just as a different point of view - our recruits went through quite a good Ex last training weekend.

    Deploy Friday night, in the Snow, after a full O-Group (there's one for you! Orders for a insertion tab and harbour occupation) followed by recce patrols. Bit dodgy, as it was a coy ex and each platoon sent out 3 patrols - but at least you get the guys getting something more out of it than just stagging on.

    Saturday Morning, after about 2 hours of Night Routine, stand to and move out on Advance to Contacts. This gave the DS quite a good challenge too, as instead of boundaries being fairly meaningless different en positions could be contacted by one platoon, but would have to be assualted by another, so was good c5 practice.

    After a few rotations, they went into FIWAF and OBUA exercises - walk through talk throughs/let them have a go. After that, set up a new harbour and get a set of ambush Orders - ambush goes off after a couple of hours, when plts return to harbour areas they get bumped, have to withdraw to safe area - plan Del attk. Attack goes in at 3am, moving through woods (hmm, fiwaf) and an urban complex (hmmm, obua) before finally attacking a dug in enemy. Back in camp by 7, clean weapons, get washed and fed - full debrief from Section and Plt commanders. Move into concurrent activites (Skits, lecturettes, that sort of thing) and onto the buses after lunch.

    Haven't heard anyone complain about that weekend, and it's a slightly better example of our usual stuff.
  6. That sounds a good weekend that built up skills. I'm guessing the first stage was stuff they'd already been taught and was followed by new skills being taught and then practised.......Makes a change from my lot......

    Given this weekend's Mission and ME I'd have expected route security patrolling....Instead we roamed around the ulu, whilst escorted convoys shot past us on unsecured routes.....
  7. No chance of a word with the PSI ? Ours are very keen indeed to teach stuff straight from the streets of Basrah. Its actually an issue in an OTC as the OCdts are examined in year 2 on old-fashioned platoon attacks to a format set by Sandhurst, so technically we are going well beyond their syllabus. We spent last weekend doing three team multiple patrols, with a satellite mobile. from the company base (aka Barry Butlins). Elf and Safety stopped us using the combi to do CMV drills....
  8. 2 words, one of starts with a T.
  9. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Yes mate, it's all taught, practised and reviewed.

    AND, to take the biscuit. We're an OTC unit - but from talking to various people outside the unit, a fairly respected one. I guess the point is that if an OTC can pull off an ex like that, then a TA one should be able to - if not a better one!
  10. "PUMP WEEKENDS?" what have you got against Water Supply? :lol:
  11. And that's the way it should be.......
  12. To my mind you have two choices. Sit about whinging into your beer and getting all depressed, or have a word with the CoC. If you have the years under your belt you suggest then they should at least listen. Is the PSI really that unapproachable ??

  13. The problem is not that at level. The PSI/SPSI's know what's wrong and what the older JNCO/SNCO's are thinking. We do say our piece to the CoC but it has seemingly zero effect. Too much time is being spent on FTX's without training/practising skills being used and it shows. Nowt worse than ploding around doing things wrong that waste's time better spent on more useful matters.....