Puma Squadron Branded "Sloppy Outfit" by Coroner

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. My my, troops riding in back of cab with legs outside.
    Never have happened in my day.
    (Dodging Lightning Bolts.)
  2. Yep. remember many a time in the back of a Puma or Lynx on bended knee. So many pax, that I got cramp and had no room to move to eleviate it!

    Wokka's were pretty chocker all the time too.
  3. Was once in a Puma which picked my team up and took off from the hover and did an evasive thingy immediately after. I slid accross the floor on me arse towards what had been a door opening (doors were not fitted), but what was now almost a hole in the floor. The air loadie grabbed me as I slid past him and hung onto my webbing unil the chopper regained level flight. Phew!
  4. Similar thing happened to me in a chinook, was making my way from the back door to the side door to look out when it banked, got thown onto the half door, was see-sawing on my ribs, loadie stuck his hand down the back of my combats and got hold of my knickers, trousers and belt. I was so glad I had decided against poncing about in my flying suit that day and have never been so greatful for a wedgie. Thank God for loadies and their cat like reflexes. There were these little orange safety thingies that hung from the celing and clipped on your belt and i had it on when i was at the back but had to take it off to get to the front where another one would be attached, just didn't have time to do it before the pilot decided to "dodge the pylon".
  5. I bet he didn't wash that hand for a week :lol:

  6. And that concludes the case for the defence Your Honour
  7. Frankly it's all this cutting about in flying suits with unpolished boots that lies at the core of this...
  8. Never happened in the days of Wessex and Scouts.. oh, wait.....
  9. Shit - no piece of paper to say they were qualified - whatever next?

    Better check that all the pilots overseas have the bit of paper too - just ground all the choppers for a week please Mr Defence Minister......

    What a crock of poo
  10. Thank the Good Lord that the Sovereign of the Skies - the Scout AH1 powered by the mighty Nimbus - had retired before 'Elf & Safety and European Soviet Union National Socialist Working Time Directives appeared to darken our skies.
  11. It seems like the Coroner has jumped to conclusions and pre-judged the case. Surely he should wait for all the evidence to be heard before throwing accusations around.

    Quite happy for pilots to be hung out to dry if they are found to have been cowboying or exceeding their abilities and qualifications but wait for evidence first.
  12. I'm suprised its taken the press this long to learn about the shockingly low standards surrounding helicopter etiquette in this day and age.

    I remember being infuriated, as a passenger flying over Az Zubayr in a Chinook, that the pilot wouldn't slow down so that we could wave at the friendly locals by the 2 Mosque roundabout. After being told that there were no refreshments available on board I was ready to join the Jaish Al-Mehdi, I can tell thee.
  13. Conversely I was once on board a Russian Mi8 in Mozambique checking for landmines along the power pylons that run the whole length of the country (yes, yes I know that it's not the best way to see landmines, but the UN insisted), when the pilot decided to hover for about 5 minutes at low level over a lake literally seething with crocodiles and take photos. F uking nutter. And this was the chopper that left a black line across the sky wherever it went.
  14. Funny that as every time I flew with 33 Sqn they were completely **** about sleeves being rolled down, being strapped in & all sorts.

    None of these rules applied to fellow Crabs or birds with big norks, though...