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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mercury30, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. what is it with everyone raving about PUMA houses on Elmpt!!!

    They are a bag of turd. Once again it is the army skimming over the real issues and just giving everything a lick of paint! In fact they can't even do that as apprently, only 3 months into the new financial year and the project is bust already.

    the only way to improve the housing is to flatten everything including the toss SLA blocks and either build good quality housing (including singlies, as SLA is an outdated method of accommodation), or just to really stir it up, make everyone go and find their own housing off camp in the local community. works for the german soldiers, and they get paid pea-nuts compared to us.
  2. Of course the problem there is that the German soldiers can speak the lingo and are fully aware of the local laws governing such mundane things as washing your car, hanging out laundry, gardening on sundays, etc. Brit lads wouldn't be.

    The houses you say are PUMAd are they PUMA or just painted. There is a difference, I am in a PUMAd house and it went beyond a bit of paint. Some people just say the houses are PUMAd after a good paint job.
  3. A bag of turd....??

    Can I suggest that you take a look at the MQs on the Bronx in Bulford, or any number of MQs in Catterick, Aldershot or Tidworth...?? Then you will know what turd MQs really are.

    As for you idea of making people find their own accommodation. Presumably you would rent accommodation at each posting..??

    Try taking what you pay in rent at Elmpt and get a similar house on the open market... Good luck mate, because you will get f*ck all like the MQs at Elmpt for your money - fact.

    Another whining twat on the Sigs board. SHOCK

    In other news, Hilary has climbed Everest, Winston Churchill has died and the Falklands have been invaded.
  4. I totally disagree. They might not be the biggest houses and they are packed really tight together, but the quality of the kitchens and bathrooms is top notch. And how much are they? Next to nothing at grade 3. If you want a bag of turd come and live in Bristol with my 1920's fireplace, bathroom tiled upon the old tiles, new kitchen that is falling to pieces example. Bu still paying grade 1 rent. I'd gladly have my old quarter on Tedder Road back. And you can come here!
  5. I am in a PUMA'd house and they did far more that a lick of paint - I am lucky enough to be in one of the PUMA'd four bedroom houses that was previously 2 seperate 2 bedroom house's! They have re-designed the whole downstairs (incl. utility room, kitchen and 2 x dining areas), re-did the upstairs (incl. making one of the bathrooms into a shower room) and they all have new attics/roofs and insulation. Yes the quality of some of the fixtures is not amazing but for the price I pay its a palace!!

    As for living out - the option is there for everyone, not just the singlies (of which there are quite a few living in Elmpt) but the pads can do it aswell - if you think the QM's are that bad - fill your socks..
  6. Before the houses were Puma'd, they were not up to much. Outdated kitchens and bathrooms, in need of updating all over really. However, they were perfectly livable, were fairly spacious and had oodles of storage (find a quarter in UK that has a full cellar and a concrete floored loft space).

    Now they have been given new kitchens, insulation, new floors and carpeting, new bathrooms, new gardens and fencing and been fully decorated. The're not the biggest quarters in the world in terms of living space but the storage space more than makes up for it. The're as good as brand new quarters for christs sake.

    I honestly cant see any reason to moan about them. They are now good quality homes, you may live in better at some point, but you are certain to live in alot worse. Your more than welcome to come to my loc, no storage what so ever and if i owned a cat i wouldnt have room to swing it - oh and i've got lime green kitchen units fitted in the 70's. Maybe its time you had a more objective look at your puma'd house.
  7. Ok lets all moan about Germanys super camp again!
    I have had quite a few different quarters around the world, and SLA, the MQ around Elmpt are ok, they have faults because they are just revamped, but before that they were still ok. As usual the MOD have gone for a bunch of dodgy contractors so they get what they pay for, i for one wouldn't buy one but even so i would have to do a lot less renovation than i did with my own house!
    I think they have very nearly got it right this time, a bit more quality control and these new? Puma houses would be top notch, apart from the dust bowl for a garden!! but that is just a matter of time.