Puma Crash at Catterick - Condolences

Try asking in Aviation, considering they may well know the pilots. Assuming it's AAC, it's a damn small world.

Hopefully it's not serious.
Just seen it on the ITV news. It crashed near Catterick Garrison near the A1. As of yet it is unknown whether it is a military craft or a civillian one and rescue work is underway.
Thats all the info it gave.
Its still on the ticker tape at news.bbc.co.uk.

All it says is that the MOD are investigating a reported helicopter crash in North Yorkshire...more soon


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All the news issued so far:

"Air crash reported near army base

A rescue operation has been launched after reports of an army helicopter crash in North Yorkshire, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said.
The helicopter is believed to have crashed near the Catterick Garrison army base.

An MoD spokeswoman said two rescue helicopters and a team trained in mountain rescue techniques had been dispatched to the area.

The operation was "at a very early stage", the spokeswoman added. "

I hope everyone is okay.
8 Casualties to hospital from the Ambulance service. Not known how bad.

Reporting on BBC now!
At least eight people have been taken to hospital after a military helicopter crash in North Yorkshire.

Five casualties were taken to hospital in Middlesbrough by RAF helicopters, with two more to follow, a Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.

An eighth person was taken to the Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, by road ambulance, she said, adding that more people could be taken to hospital.
Thank fcuk it doesn't sound TOO serious.
There has been a Chinook and Merlin? flying to and from Shaiba and going west past Hudswell for the last couple of days.

Hope that there are no serious casualties
just been visiting at the james cook hospital seen aircraft arriving,three sea kings,staff saying possible two dead and eight injured at JCH one injured to Friaridge Darlo, my feelings go out to all of them hope they have speedy recovery, so sad to hear this tragic news.
I have been watching them land in the fields above Shaiba lodge. I can recognise the the Chinook , but am not sure about the other.

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