Pullups...My Nightmare

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ritch, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. How many pull-ups do you have to do in Selection? Is there a set target or is it about the staff seeing you put the effort in?

    I'm useless at them.
  2. well for your information..........ritchieritch69


    i did "0" heaves, {though i still claim i did 2} on selection at ATR Lichfield, just a few days ago, my run time was 11mins.
    {just hang from the bar and grunt a lot}

    {yes i know its a bit shite fellas}

    but i put in maximum effort and they saw that.....

    and yes i passed{deferred actually} but i passed the physical tests.
  3. Practice them evrey day maybe even twice a day, do your maximun effort. Watch your personal best rise and your biceps get bigger ;)
  4. Thanks for that lads.
  5. Buy a door bar from argos put it on the doorway where you will go in and out of the most. Ever time you leave the room do best effort and when you come back do the same i have done this i can now knock out about 10 - 15 each time.
  6. Lad on my selection at pirbright on 11th sep - 12th sep was deffered because he couldnt do any (or so the corporal said), most people wer doing 4-6.

    The run at pirbright is actually an easy course, but being nakkered from a hard evenings PT means you need to put in 100%.
  7. Give it everything you've got !! 150% !
    In my opinion and what ive heard from different people aslong as they see you putting all you've got into it you should do fine.
  8. If you train to do pull ups or heaves as we call them with a training partner.
    Cross your ankles and bend your legs behind you, try and pull yourself up, if you cant do any get your partner to push you up to the bar by your legs, when you are up there, get him to let go and you hold yourself up there for a couple of second the lower your body under control (slowly).
    As soon as your arms are fully extended, your partner should push you straight back up.
    Repaet this for ten reps and do four sets, do this for a couple of weeks and soon enough you will be doing heaves with the best of them.
  9. Thanks guys. Info helped a lot.
  10. +1

  11. I would advise the training partner to hold him by the hips instead! This is for safety - If he is held by the legs/ankles, and he loses his grip, he is going yo loose his front teeth!
  12. stvwardy your run time was 11mins lol. better start pulling your finger out your ARRSE
  13. it depends fella! you see everything you do at selection balances itself out, if you know your bad at heaves then just make sure you get a decent run time, most guys on my course last week were doing about 10 heaves, i only managed 8 though, but i beat most of the others on the run so it kind of evens out.
  14. thats a must, i tried it on the top of my door frame and pulled the fu**er off oops :oops: