Pulling the 25pdr Post War

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by YoungDai, Jul 1, 2009.

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  1. A friend is in a re-enactment troop based at Coal House Fort Tilbury.

    Today in the office he was discussing his recent trip to Normandy, and the difficulties they now had in keeping the Gun Tractors (Guy's and CMP's) on the road.

    Which started me wondering as the 25pdr stayed in use for such a long time after 2WW. What did you use to pull it around after the war-time gun tractors had worn themselves out ?

    Sorry to mods if this should have gone to Old n Bold or Mill History .
  2. Bedford 4 tonner RLs and MKs in the 1970s. You might like to know that some of the ammo came from a sunken cargo vessel off the west coast of Scotland IIRC, so diving exercises by whoever must have paid for themselves, and it made sense to keep the guns in service until that source ran out. Also, at that time, there were still enough ex-WW2 people in the TA as cooks, storesmen &c to tell the young ones all the quirky bits about eg how to lift the platform safely. Hope this helps.
  3. Some TA units were still pulling 25pdrs around with Bedford 4 tonners in the late eighties and early nineties.
  4. When i was at the JLRRA (1975) they pulled them along with Bedford RL then later, much later, at the Tower the HAC used Land Rover 101
  5. I was on 269 (OP) bty, and we used RL,TL & TK 4 tonners right up to 1990

    Even seen one on the hook on a TM

    Must have been pretty hairy towing one behind a 1 tonner as the 25 Pdr. has no discernible braking system, ideally it would have been restricted to dry weather driving only and to a speed of 15- 20 mph.
  6. There was an official RL gun tractor varient with side doors, ammo bins and a winch in the 60s/early 70s.

    You could (just) pull a 25pdr with a 3/4 tonner if you took the platform off, but only on metalled roads.

    Sorry.. under no circumstances would sunk ammunition have been reused. We had so much ex WW2 ammo lying about in the 60s and 70s we were spending all our time dumping it in the sea, not recovering it. 25pdrs and 5.5s were being used up to the 80s at Larkhill for training OPs. They even had a battery of metric 25pdrs (or would that be 11.33Kgers?) at Larkhill in the 70s...

    Most of the shell used up to the mid 70s was wartime stock, refuzed in the 60s, I seem to recall the carts were fairly new though. I think we bought a job lot of shell from the Belgians at the end of the systems life..

    Edited to add - the 25pdr had a proper overrun brake, which seemed to work OK as long as the brake shoes were properly adjusted ( and somebody had not tried to tow the gun with the brake on...)

    ... not called HE117 for nowt!
  7. Thank you
  8. The HAC saluting battery used 3/4 t Long Wheel based landrovers.
  9. As I said, you can do it with a 3/4 ton provided you take the platform off first...

    You can also pull them up hills as long as you are very careful.. It was the only way to get a 25pdr up past Moogs gate in Edinburgh Castle in the days when we fired from the half moon battery!

    No use in't field though!
  10. After we sold it to them originally - and then bought them back :evil: