Pulling out of Iraq 2013

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MILLSII3, Oct 6, 2012.

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  1. My recruiter at the AFCO said there will be no chance of going to afghan as we're pulling out and all the last tours have already been set, this for definite? Quite sad really as I wanted to go.

    We were discussing what the afghan equivalent would be for new recruits. He said all the other current ops weren't offensive rolled like afghan and Iraq but he said without a doubt its likely to be Iran or possibly Syria. Would we really go all offensive against Iran?


    Thank you for reading!
  2. Didn't you post this elsewhere last night?
  3. Yeah I did but I'm guessing in the wrong place as it was locked without reason.
  4. Jarrod you're like the thread police.
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  5. He certainly is, he's always saying my jacket doesn't go with my trousers etc etc...

    BTW OP, isn't it a little immature to presume going to a war zone is 'fun'?
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  6. Oh I never meant it was fun. To be fair I've been shitting my pants about the thought of going there but regardless it's something I wanted to do. Iran on the other hand, I'd rather not but hey we can't choose who starts what can we.
  7. Stick to playing COD.
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  8. Never been a fan of COD ;). If that was the case I'd be joining the infantry.
  9. Worst. Thread. Ever
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  10. Not really. The recruiter contradicted himself a lot on this subject. Just wanted a second opinion as its the only thing I was unsure about walking out the AFCO.
  11. It's just occurred to me, this numbnuts has titled the thread 'Pulling out of Iraq 2013'. I think he's got the wrong map loaded on COD!!!
  12. Yes I fucked up you caught me. I'm secretly a 14 year old girl. Now back to COD.
  13. Oh, Dear. So we still have some Army Recruits who want to go into a Shooting War, a Hot L Zee. For goodness sake, even if you do want to make the Military (Army) a career choice after leaving school, on a totally freaked out numb nuts would still believe in the 'Glory of War'.

    One would suggest you read some of the sayings of Private Harry Patch, a World war One survivor who died in 2009 aged 111 years old. He stated that there is... "Nothing glamorous about war"... and that it was "Legalized mass murder....."

    When I was posted to Norn Ireland in 1972 - I was "Browining one's undercrackers', I just did not want to go there, but I did, and did my duty. If I had a choice, I would have spent my time tick-tocking along with all the other regimental muppets, boozing and chasing wimmin back in Blightymilitary . But no - I had to go and earn my salary as a Proper Soldier.

    So don't be a tw*t, and want to rush off into a hot war zone, either in the Poppy Field of 'Ghan, or being shot at by the Foaming Beards in Old Persia...!
  14. Clearly my thread has been taken the wrong way. Without sounding like a pussy I'm wanting to know the details as I've currently got a war going on with my family. They are all against me joining the army because of afghan but at the end of the day I'm 22 years old and I'll make my own decisions. I figured finding a little more information out about future hot zones I could relay some information back to them to try cool the air. I asked on here AFTER going to the AFCO because I read that you all recommend seeing the AFCO first. I could probably have googled all the questions above but I figured I'd get a more honest answer here. The Internet and news is full of shit these days.
  15. I'm not giddy and happy about going you war zone either. I'd rather not shoot or be shot at. I'm just saying I'd rather be out there making a difference than continuing my civvy life. I'm 22 earning over 30k a year. Bought my own house and have a girlfriend. It's not like I'm a 18 year old doley who failed school, fucked up life thus having no where else to go. I'm actually giving up what I have to do this by pure choice. So I apologise for the stupidness off the thread but I needed the answers.