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Can some one please help??? We have a guy who is on a course for 7 months, because the course is over 6 months he is entitled to a quarter in the area of the course. He has put a claim in for disturbance allowance, however he does not have a temporary assignment order. He has spoken to JPAC who have stated that it is the units responsibility to do a temporary assignment!!!! would be grateful for any info on this.
Is it a career course that he has been loaded on by his MCM Div? If so I think you will find that they are responsible for raising the temporary assignment order. What cap badge is he?
I thought quarter/disturbance etc etc was only when attending a course over 9 months, and then MCM would normally issue a posting/assignment order along with joining instructions.

Well it certainly used to be??? But since JPA, who knows what the FU*K is going on anymore, 20 years of just beginning to get to grips with the ins and outs of the system and then they go and change it all. Go figure!!!!
The assignment order should be raised by MCM Div as it is in essence a posting and it is the responsibility of the "Career Manager" function on JPA. I doubt if anyone in his unit would have the role of Career Manager. I am sure RLC MCM Div would be able to help as they would be the only ones who knew what PID to assing him to. I have just had a couple of guys sent to me for last 6 months and a simple call to their MCM Div (who are still learning as well) resulted in them raising assignment orders using PID only open to them. Hope that makes sense! If not pm me and I will try to explain more fully.
missmoneypenny5445 said:
Thanks for your help, fully understand, are HR staff now allowed to speak to MCM Div direct now?
I believe that ICT's have requested, via spreadsheet, lists of personnel (HR Admin) authorsed to contact the JPAC and MCM Div's on peoples behalf, I suggest that you contact your Bde/ICT.

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