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Extraction or Root Treatment ?

I was at the dentist tonight and had an extraction, the dentist wanted to perform root canal treatment on the offending tooth. After the lengthy decision that took 2 seconds to decide; as I have such a fear of the dentist it was a no brainer to spend 20 mins in the chair of pain to have the tooth removed as opposed to 4 trips at 30 mins each time to have the root killed.

The first panic set in when the needle went into my gum one in the front and one in the back of the tooth. Once the tooth was numbed this is when the real fight began. It took the dentist 15 mins to extract the tooth, the assistant had to hold my head as she pulled and pushed at the tooth, it wasn’t coming out easily being second from the back it had HUGE roots.

SO the question is what choices have you had to make, the lesser of your two Evils ?


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Can only comment on my experience as a patient and not as a dentist.
what's the problem with root-canal? at least you keep the tooth,I've had a few done and the longest it ever took was 20mins...extraction and it's gone forever and you won't grow another one.
Can only comment on my experience as a patient and not as a dentist.
what's the problem with root-canal? at least you keep the tooth,I've had a few done and the longest it ever took was 20mins...extraction and it's gone forever and you won't grow another one.
Always the dental chicken, I was told I had to have a wisdom tooth removed (my first ever extraction) prior to hols in the UK and was referred to an oral surgeon. I was put on a drip while the assistant wired me to a heart monitor. Sometime later the doctor came in and asked how I was doing. "I'm still conscious but your ceiling lights are moving in circles." "I'll fix that." He shot the contents of the syringe he'd had behind his back into the drip line and I was out before he got to the door. Some time later he led me to the waiting room like a helium balloon on a string and handed me over to my ride.

THAT went so well, when I returned from hols I booked an appointment to have the other three out in one sitting.
I smashed a couple of teeth playing cricket in my late teens so had to have a couple of veneers/caps. This involved killing the root on my right front upper tooth. I've got no fear of dentists, but as I lay there having the root drilled, I realised that I could actually see the drill going into the tooth in the reflection of the dentists glasses. I watched with equal horror and fascination. Roots go deep.
Not a big fan of the dentist either (unless sexually, mines fit as hell) but I would go root canal. I've only ever done 2 trips - I think 4 is the max it can take, plus as Ordinary says - once the tooth is gone, it's gone and you can only get a bridge done on the NHS if you already have one and it breaks / needs replacing.

I have found as I have got older, I have less teeth, I try to hang on to the ones I have left!
If you have root canal work done, you have to be very careful afterwards with dental hygiene around that tooth. There are thousands of tiny channels in the (now-dead) tooth, and because there is no longer a blood supply to the tooth, there is a possibility of getting bacteria growing in those channels. If this occurs, there can be a very high price to pay in terms of health.

Some dentists in the USA have cured very ill people simply by removing the root of the dead tooth; it's even starting to be a subject of discussion before you have the root-canal work done, with some dentists who have seen the effects. (A bit like a surgeon discussing the possible downsides of an operation). I suppose you could have the root-canal done and then go back to have the extraction if your health suffers long-term, but I'd go for getting rid of it, unless it was at the front. Then I might take the admittedly small risk of infection.

You have my sympathy. I was astounded how big the root was on the last one I had pulled.
Wimp, you should have pulled it yourself but hope the roots weren't fused like mine.

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Sorry, what was the question?
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To the OP... What precisely is 'the lesser of two evils'?

There is what I want to happen. The rest is evil. I do not understand the question.
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