Pulled muscle, recovery times?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by cc123, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Had a slight pull on my inside left leg, groin area when playing football last night and its a little tender today. Also, I had extreme cramp in my right calf when I got home (I never get cramp) and couldn't loosen it off and now it feels like its pulled muscle/dead leg.....

    How long should I give it before training on it again? I'm going for the TA (meeting the TA tonight actually) and don't want to slack off with my training. Should I give it a week then try some gentle jogging? I'm no good with judging how long I should let something heal?
  2. Till it stops hurting. Thats what I usually do, a bit of light phys after it appears to have stopped hurting, and then build it up.

  3. If it's a minor pull then I find going for a light jog or gentle stretching eases it up and makes it actually feel better. Make sure you get lots of potassium (bananas are good), especially if you're taking on a lot of water, to prevent cramps. It really does work!
  4. ^^^ Good job I power banana’s likes there’s no tomorrow! I’m guessing it was from the cold (2 hours 5-a-side in –3c or something) bit of a crapper to pull up when I’m just getting into the swing of things again.

    Will give it till the pain eases and try a short light run.
  5. recovery time will be dictated by two factors.
    these being protein and macronutrient intake with adequate rest