Pulled back

I want to join the TA but am worried as I have pulled my back twice once lifting a 70kg door(i`m a joiner) and again falling off my bike the last one was over a year ago,i am otherwise pretty fit,do you guys think this will cause any issues?
How to lift a 70Kg door...

1/ Look at the door
2/ Give the door a kick to see if it moves
3/ Say to yourself 'Could I lift that on my own without putting my back out?'
4/ get a mate to help with the lift
5/ Go through this procedure the second time you lift a door

Back is OK, join the TA


Yes and yes.

And you should be fine joining up - Is it much of an issue for you still? Or are you just worried about that coming up on your medical records?
I slipped a disc in training, had about 4-5 months sick leave, but after getting the go ahead from my doc was straight back into it. So you should be fine.
I`m just worried about it coming up on my records,as I have not had any problems for nearly 18 months,the two cases were not related anyway,it isn`t an issue now(it only lasted a couple of weeks anyway)I just know they can be a bit fussy with back issues.


Nah, you should be fine. As I said, I fucked my back quite seriously but I'm still in. Worst case scenario is that you could be asked to get a letter from your doctor giving the all clear - but i doubt it would come to that.

What unit you thinking of joining?

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