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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by r6dan, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. r6dan

    r6dan Crow

    I want to join the TA but am worried as I have pulled my back twice once lifting a 70kg door(i`m a joiner) and again falling off my bike the last one was over a year ago,i am otherwise pretty fit,do you guys think this will cause any issues?
  2. Ulster_Rifleman

    Ulster_Rifleman War Hero

    How to lift a 70Kg door...

    1/ Look at the door
    2/ Give the door a kick to see if it moves
    3/ Say to yourself 'Could I lift that on my own without putting my back out?'
    4/ get a mate to help with the lift
    5/ Go through this procedure the second time you lift a door

    Back is OK, join the TA
  3. r6dan

    r6dan Crow

    So are the GP`s questionaires the same for the TA as the regulars ? and are the entrance requirements the same?
  4. Hedphelym

    Hedphelym Guest

    Yes and yes.

    And you should be fine joining up - Is it much of an issue for you still? Or are you just worried about that coming up on your medical records?
    I slipped a disc in training, had about 4-5 months sick leave, but after getting the go ahead from my doc was straight back into it. So you should be fine.
  5. r6dan

    r6dan Crow

    I`m just worried about it coming up on my records,as I have not had any problems for nearly 18 months,the two cases were not related anyway,it isn`t an issue now(it only lasted a couple of weeks anyway)I just know they can be a bit fussy with back issues.
  6. Hedphelym

    Hedphelym Guest

    Nah, you should be fine. As I said, I fucked my back quite seriously but I'm still in. Worst case scenario is that you could be asked to get a letter from your doctor giving the all clear - but i doubt it would come to that.

    What unit you thinking of joining?
  7. r6dan

    r6dan Crow

    Well an old mate is in the pioneers so im thinking that and me being a joiner should fit in.