Pull your trousers up!!!!!!

Is anyone esle sick of seeing these retards walking around with the trousers/jeans practically round thier knees! Luckily the other day I was witness to divine retribution. Young lad walking down the highstreet with his jeans so low down it was obscene, until they fell down completley to his ankles and he went face first into the pavement! Luckily for him Jarrod wasn't around!

Someone really needs to tell them that it started in american prison where inmates who wanted to advertise themselves for a bit of soap dropping action showed as much pants/arse as they could! It basically screams come and kick my backdoors in!


Its come in handy at work a couple of times, Young mongs trousers hanging down trying to do a runner with stock and trip themselves up.


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Nice story but it's a myth, this happens in prisons because they aren't allowed belts. It's a good look.
There's one I observed recently.


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Grab the waistband of the trousers.

Pull trousers up.

Secure with a large, heavy duty staple or two fired from a heavy duty staple gun.
I got my youngest daughter's boyfriend a pair of pants that said bum chums on the waistband, his trousers are back to normal now.
Whats missing in todays society is a healthy dose of pointing and laughing.

It should be mandatory to point and laugh and people such as these, along with punks, facial piercings, fat people and other wierdos.

Perhaps not people with facial tattoos though as they tend to be mentally unbalanced and should be locked away for their own safety any way.

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