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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by SandysOpinion, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. Starting basic soon so I'm trying to get more into shape for it.
    But I have no access to a pull up bar, and I know they get used alot during physical training.

    So my questions, What muscle groups do pull ups work? And also, can anyone tell me what exercises I could do to work them? (bar pull ups obviously)

    Thank you
  2. find a tree, and use a branch :)
  3. Yeah Im doing quite alot of them anyway, thought press ups worked more of a chest region?
    was not sure if pull ups are more arm (tricep/bicep) work?
  4. Go to Argos or wherever and buy a pull-up bar for your door frame. It'll set you back about a fiver.

    I bought one at Lidl and it's lasted two years so far!
  5. press ups do differnt muscle groups.

    well its mostly bicep and tricep work but this guy at my gym sed tht a pull up uses the back aswelll.

    u got acess to weights? if ya have just do them

    oh and doing some wrest exercises to make them stronger so u get more grip its worked for me
  6. Pull ups will work the lats and biceps mainly. The only way to really train to do pull ups is do them! As TT has said buy a bar from Argos or have a look on ebay for a door gym or powerbar, set it up and get banging them out.
  7. Are you one of the 'overseas' recruits? Where are you from then?
  8. :) essex lol
  9. Did not realise I could pick one up quite so cheap, thanks lads
  10. Pull ups use your pulling muscles funnily enough! I.e. back and biceps

    A pull-up bar is a sound investment!
  11. Door bars are shite, they make you feel uneasy because their so tacky and weak and you can't streighten your body unless your a midget!!!

  12. Tip for the day;

    Set the pull up bar as high up in the frame as it can go, so that when you are in the up position your chin is level with the top of the door frame.

    The bar will sit most securely if your house isn't made of styrofoam. I weigh nearly 14 stone and have had no problems with the bar loosening or bending.

    Perhaps you're just scared of heights?
  13. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    How many pull ups do women have to do whilst in basic?
  14. You can't centre your weight, there ok just not for selection practice because on those ones you have to keep your body streight.