pull ups

Has eneyone got eney tips on how to get better at pull ups . at the moment iam just hanging of the bar like a twat ! i can do push ups but not pull ups and its starting to bug me. thanks
start doing press ups,every day,as many as possible.if your no good at these try doing a basic weights programme with a lot of primary exercises.i.e bench press,curls,tricep press,deadlift and squats.doing these basic exercises will improve your muscular strength.
try underhand grip first on the pull up and try and progress to overhand grip for the ultimate work out! :twisted: don,t lose heart,rome wasn,t built in a day!
You might want to try giving yourself a slight assist with your legs going up and then do the negative part very slowly. Also, the pull down machine might be handy while you're trying to build up the necessary strength.

If you don't mind me hijacking your thread: does anyone know any tips for breaking past your pb? I've been stuck on 8 overhand grip pull ups for awhile now and regardless of what I try, I can't get any more.
could try using a weight belt or the like for a few weeks while you do the pull up.obviously you,ll be doing less reps but you,ll be increasing the resistance and in theory you,ll be getting stronger.it worked for me when i was playing rugby and wanted a bit more upper body strength.

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