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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by toffeeman, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. I have selection coming up soon, which i'm mostly looking forward to besides the Heaves.

    I'm really shit at them (i'de be happy with 2 to be honest!)...My strength in general is fine, I can lift ok, good at press ups and my run time is spot on, i just can't do pull ups.

    My question is can i be deffered on Heaves even if i give 110%? Or will that depend on how i do with the other tasks?

  2. Try your hardest, no one can expect any more than that.
  3. If you can only do 2, do 3 on selection, try until you fall on your ass sweating.
    Do your best mate and, as smudge said, nooone expects more of you than that
  4. Heaves and to the same extent dips are great exercises but with both you can only really get better by doing them, not by building up with other exercises. Sure lat pull downs will help but if you really want to get better then just keep getting up on that bar. Try to do as many sets as possible during a weights session even if you only jump up once. Try inverse heaves where you take lots of time coming down. Stay on the bar for as long as you can to improve grip and forearm and then do jump heaves. It'll all help and if you keep trying you will get better.
  5. Are heaves overhand wide-grip or underhand narrow-grip?
  6. Underhand narrow grip.
  7. If you do well in the other strength tests you will be fine, the heaves are not pass fail so if you put max effort it you will be ok. However, you will be expected to do at least 6 at Basic so my suggestion is to get a chin up bar set up in your house and do as many as you can each time you walk past it, you will soon improve.
  8. I'm not starting basic until January anyway (providing everything goes ok at selection) so that gives me enough time to sort my heaves out.

    At what stage in basic will i need to do the 6?
  9. Just give it your all. If you have until Jan, that is plenty of time to get 6+.
  10. yeah selection is more to see how mutch effort you are willing to put in. Basic training has the role to improve your strength and fitness
  11. Thanks for the replies lads but ultimately could i be deffered on this (even with maximum effort)?

    If so, how long for?
  12. No absolutly not, as long as you put the effort in. And dont worry about doing heaves in phase 1, they'll be part of circuits so your arms will be ragged anyway. You'll have far more to worry about than heaves. Plus being able to do heaves isnt all it takes to be a soldier
  13. you are unlikely to be unless your crap at other tests as well.
    the RSC is more a way of seeing if you have potential to be a soldier in the british army. you dont have to be a monster at all the tests to pass.

    give it 100% and you will be fine. your only likely to be defered on your run time, or if you fail many of the pss(r).
  14. hello, im in the same situation like the above fella, not my heaves, im ok at them it;s my press up's im seemingly crap at. i can do about 6 currently, and im worrying on the medical when they ask you to do them whether it's 5 or 10?

    do they definitley ask you to do press up's in the medical (im off to lichfield)


    im working at them hard anyway:)

    a week left until lichfield :)

  15. Yes you do do pressups in the medical. But they aren't assessing your ability to do pressups, more how your body moves etc. I did 4 and he asked me to stop.

    Don't worry about them Ben, just give it your all, and you'll be reet!