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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by kay44, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Any advice on how to work up to doing pull ups? i am a lass so must not have that strong arms, i can do 20press-ups at the mo, and can do few pull ups on the bar if i start from standing, but when i try it from dangleing i just cant manage it!! drinking protien drink if that helps, i dont know.......
  2. Rope climbing helped me
  3. where do i find ropes to climb lol. what, like? those on assult courses?
  4. Look up some exercises to help improve bicep strength, and just keep cracking on and keep training.
    Commitment and effort is the only way forward.
  5. Practice makes perfect.
    Do as many pull-ups as you can and then when you can't do anymore, have somebody hold your legs and crack on so you are still working your arms.
  6. best effort n all that, if you can only do a couple then so be it
  7. That's the way to improve. My gym has a machine which pretty much does the same as that. Basically, it supports some of your body weight and makes it easier for you to do a chin-up. You are trying to strengthen your latissimus dorsi muscles (lats) so anything you do to build them will help with your ability to do an effective chin-up. Practise as much as you can. Just thinking about it rarely helps!
  8. Specific to pull ups:

    Assisted pull ups:

    1. Cheat Pull Ups. Place pins in a gym squat rack so that the bar, when held outstretched above your head is in the ready to pull up position and your backside is just a couple of inches from the floor. Your extended legs will be approx. 90 degrees to your upper body with your heels on the floor. Now do your pull ups. Most of your leg weight will be supported allowing you to just pull up your upper body weight.

    2. Lat machine pull downs.

    Both of the above will allow you to preform several reps which you can increase as you improve. Occasionally (twice a month?) attempt the proper pull up to mark your improvement. I would do a hard pull up workout no more than twice a week, three days rest between workouts.

    A max. of 6 sets should be sufficient each workout. Either 6 of one exercise or 3 cheat pull ups and 3 lat machine pull downs. Aim for 8-10 reps. If you can't at first then just do less but add a couple of sets. If you achieve 8-10 easily then increase this quantity but not to exhaustion, you have 6 sets to complete remember. This is consistent progressive training.

    I would also do other upper body parts on other training days because a strong overall upper body will help you with your pull ups. I.e. a weak back/shoulders/abs could impair pull ups despite strong arms.
  9. Thanks, ive got the army training written in my diary so im following that to the tee, but there was nothing on getting the strength up to do pull ups, ive a bar above my door, wonder why its not hard from standing but really hard from dangleing, which would happen in the tes. Ill try some of these and do plenty of bicep exercises and back strength.
  10. A Gym maybe

    Rope slung over a high branch maybe

  11. If you type "kipping" and "Crossfit" into google there is some video on how to cheat a bit to allow you to complete the movement. As you get stronger you reduce the degree of cheating.

    Hanging on straight arms from a bar with a day sack with some weight in it, letting your shoulders come up around your ears, and then pulling your shoulders back down with your back, keeping your arms totally straight the whole time, also works the back hard.
  12. Kipping pull-ups bring more power than strength really but would seem a valid way to improve the basic ones.

    Whoever said bicep-curls.....ya i wouldn't bother doing those.
  13. i found number 2 worked very well for me but i sat the other way round doing them, if that makes sense? and 6-10 reps max per set.