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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yeo_Man, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Seems a little stiff that a large number of employees within RBS; who had nothing to do with the current situation, have not received a bonus.

    While Sir Fred collects his modest pension:

    Pocket Money

    Could be my imagination, but did someone here mention that he had also picked up some lucrative consultancy?

    Just goes to show if you’re going to make balls up, make it big one. Nick Leeson must wondering where he went wrong !!!!!

  2. Nick Leeson got caught... by a country with a government and legal system with sufficient balls to go after the reprobate.

    Wait 10 years and Sir Fred will be in the House of Lords.

  3. Darling was on Radio 4 this a.m stating that Sir Fred had been approachd to see if he would mind considering whether he could possibly see his was way clear to prehaps giving a teency-weency bit back.

    They have had no reply so far.

    It's the Bank of Scotland for gawds sake.
    Surely it's time to throw up a boarder, boot the jocks out onto their side of the fence and let them get on with it. In one fell swoop we could rid our sleves of so many thistles in our sides.

    They wanted devolution - give em independence.
  4. If RBS ever go back up North, can we please have back our trusty old Williams & Glyns Bank, subsumed in the early 1980's after a take-over.

    Come to think of it, can we please go back to Williams Deacons?
  5. The Treasury said in a statement: “This is another example of the culture of rewards for failure that we are determined to sweep away for the future.

    “We are committed to cleaning up the banking system – both the financial balance sheets and the behaviour of those that lead them.”

    Hmmm - except it was this same Treasury who encouraged these feckers and their hare-brained schemes in the first place and were more than happy to take the tax returns these WBankers made when times were good.

    Bigeye - WTF makes you think the Bank of Scotland has got anything to do with Scotland? It's part of the Lloyds group and includes Lloyds TSB, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, C&G, Clerical Medical, Scottish Widows. Are you sugesting throwing a fence around Yorkshire, Gloucester, Cheltenham, some offices and a hospital etc.?

    Or were you just spouting bollox?
  6. When Leeson was nicked in Germany when he fled Singapore,lawyers in the UK were putting pressure on the authorities here to file charges,so he would be extradited here and be elegable for free legal aid and no doubt a short spell at one of the H.M.run luxuary hotels that masquerade as open prisons.

    Fortunatly,common sense prevailed.
  7. Funny handskakes and square dancing involved here,IMHO.
  8. Er..the latter I'm afraid. I do apologise.
  9. R-M, I think you'll find that Bank of Scotland (now part of LLoyds) and ROYAL Bank of Scotland are 2 different entities. The only things that they have in common is that they've both been badly run and both are deeply in the shite.
  10. Good point.
    I recind my 'bollox spouting' confession and re-iterate the need for an Independent Scotland with a strict border policy.
  11. It ain't the Banks that are the problem... Its the Senior fokkers at the top who are the problem. The 'movers and shakers', the policy makers, the greedy barstewards in the boardrooms who are the dipsticks that have brought it all crashing down... of course, and Gordon McRuin who manufacutred the bullsh!te, and Tony McLiar who flogged it all to the naieve, the gullible, the foolish and the of course... the Party Faithful...

    Whoooa there UV, yes thats me.... I must be absolved for I too voted for these fokkers back in 1997.... so I will take my penance.... (I still think shes cute, HB...) I dont feel well today, I must be suffering from SBS (Sad Barsteward Syndrome)...... :) :eek:
  12. I don't agree with that - why should'nt the Scots be allowed out?

  13. You can unrescind unless you intend to put a wall round Ulster (Ulster Bank) part of the RBS Group plc, provincial England (National Provincial Bank) and London County and Westminster as these banks formed the National Westminster Bank, now part of the RBS group.

    Complicated isn't and the map of the UK now looks like a maze :twisted:

    On a more moot point RBS shares are going up and they have been named as the Netherlands preferred Bankers.
  14. I think expecting any sense of decency with regard to the handback of pensions/benefits is more than a little naive. There are some more extreme views being voiced here:

    Fred the Shred to be Stripped of Knighhood

    Hardly likely when your investment can have manslaughter reduced to dangerous driving.

    Apparently some of his perks included; a private jet (might even have been two), first seat booked permanently on flights between London and Edinburgh, both ways.

    How ironic knighted in 2004 for services to banking !!!!!!!!!!

  15. I stand by rescindination.

    My call for a large razor wire topped wall across the Anglo-Scottish border has more to do with history, the proliferation of jocks messing about in OUR parliament and the fact that my ancestors were border reevers, than the myriad complexities of Bank ownership and domicile.

    The North Sea oil question may queer the pitch however.