Pull troops out now , says soldier

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Pasty Boy, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Not seen elsewhere and nothing on many internet sites but buried away inside the Times: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article1696451.ece

    I missed this on the news last night but I reckon that his comments must be causing a storm in MOD. I don't know if this was an official interview or the interviewer was lucky enough to get a quick soundbite off the cuff.

    The Staffs have just returned to UK from Basra city and hence he has some credibility although this is obviously small picture stuff.
  2. Saw him on the news last night mouth agape in shock that he as a serving soldier would comment.
  3. So we are achieving something? I blame Eastenders.
  4. Saw him, and some minging bint, gobbing off just after his CO had put his positive spin on their tour. Made what the CO said sound like so much arrse.

    Either two things have happened. 1. Somebody either forgot to brief the troops up about the press, or didn't emphasise the point 'gob off and it will be career firing, career stops' sufficiently. 2. He didn't care and his stripes were on velcro anyway.

    I imagine this mornings parade went something like:

    'NCOs fall out, just where do you think you are going Pte Bradley?'
  5. As long as he got his fee, he should be alright
  6. No doubt the media's access to RAF Lyneham and to the returning troops was controlled by MOD's media creatures. If they don't want soldiers to comment in this way then they shouldn't allow the media to have access to them. Personally I found this a refreshing change to the usual pre-briefed 'toeing the line' stuff usually delivered by COs.
  7. I saw him on the news and he certainly didn't come across as the sharpest tool in the box!

    But when you give the media access you have to make sure all the loose cannon are tied to the deck.

    Another fine example of the Army shooting itself in the foot.
  8. Xenophon is right. The media are never the problem, its own forces that create difficulties! His sharpness is not the issue, because he hasn't been invited to spend a term as a visiting lecturer, he has merely delivered a killer sound-bite. Context? Balance? Sorry...and now for some weather...over to Felix Carman in our Teheran studio.
  9. Has anyone Utubed this yet?
  10. Is he right ?
  11. Iraq yes, we lost our chance the first time.
  12. I'm only a humble civvie so i don't know the system, but are the media even allowed to talk to soldiers individually like this? Aren't there press officers who shadow their every move and round up some not-so-dim people for the media to ask questions to?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    He may be thick, he may be a total dullard, and most likely he's now in the deepest of deep kaka, BUT are we actually achieving anything out there (apart from for the US interests) and is it actually worth the lives of our troops.

    IMHO, not likely.
  14. Truth hurts does it ? Its going downhill since the fighting phase ended
    the locals dont like us there .Our own country dosent want us there.Its tonies war he can fight it .
  15. Biggest Fk up was no lessons learn't from the Balkans, Troops in, fight, win, pull back, put UN police force in, use existing government structure.


    Troops in, fight, win, no coppers, Basq party banned from helping, ie: no government structure, troops in quagmire.