Pull out of Basra Palace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sgt_Henno_Garvie, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. So, weve pulled out of Basra Palace and moved more troops into the Basra Airport. Was chatting with the lads last night and we come about a problem. The airport is constantly getting mortar attacks but hardly any casualties are being taken by said fire. This is because there isnt a great deal of space being taken up by our troops, now there are more troops in there which means that the likelyhood of a mortar round hitting is far greater than it was. Soon we will be taking casualties all the time and then what? Move back into the palace an the hotel?

    We also come up with a headline for a well known newspaper that doesnt really support us out there an wants us to pull out all together:


    Can anyone else see this happening?
  2. Not an expert but if the US supply lines go down that road from Kuwait wouldn't it be better for UK forces to be set up along that road a ways from the Kuwait border? A bit further away from the big bad city and at the same time spinnable as helping the yanks out with their supply route.

    Either way i don't understand why the forces at the airport aren't in bunkers. I assume there's a good reason, just can't think of one.
  3. money?? to the MOD body armour and battle bowlers are enough why waste more money on protecting the soldiers fighting for their country when theres immigrants to be housed!
  4. from the other posting, at least Basra Airport, being in the middle of the Desert, Enemies are much easier to see than in the urban jungle and less colateral damage.

    on another topic Personally they can all go to Hell, they had every opportunity to sort it out for themselves for 4 years and they haven't done so, they are corrupt and if you get rid of them, they will only be replaced by another lot that is just as corruptable and useless.

    we should wean ourselves of Oil as a source of fuel and look to Biofuel as an alternative as a matter of urgency then we would be less dependent on the Middle East volatality, if we can create it ourselves even better for the UK.
  5. Lt Col Sanders: "Does this look like a defeated army? Nah that's bollocks!"

    Biggest laugh i have had all year, Sir!
  6. Just saw that on the news.A possible quote for the history books.Made me laugh. No doubt it made some in the MOD wince and wonder where the money spent on media courses has gone to.
  7. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    If everyone talking to the media spoke plain bloody english like that - I'd say the money was going just the right way.

    They don't.

    Cos it isn't.
  8. Couldn't agree more Stonker