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Hey I am looking at the eyesight standards to join as a (millitry engineer)electrian in the royal engineers I have been looking through the pulheems to find the required standard for different jobs.

From what I can tell electrian requires sight 8/2 in the right eye and 8/3 in the left eye.

The numbers stand for:

6/6 = 1
6/9 = 2
6/12 = 3
6/18 = 4
6/24 = 5
6/36 = 6
6/60 = 7
less than 6/60 = 8

So you aren't required to see anything without your glasses which is 8 as 6/60 is the top letter on the opticans chart. And 8 standards for less then this. Can any one confirm if I'm understanding this right. Thanks for any help.
I've been accepted but don't no if I'll get in for the job i was after, I;ve heard people say on here that they did adsc and wasn't offord the job they want because of there eyesight
Unless your eyesight is really bad you should be ok. i am short sighted quite bad but even without my glasses it doesnt make a difference to doing the job. colour blindness used to be a problem but i beleive with the new colour coding of the cables its not much of a problem. but i may be wrong on that.

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