Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hyperion, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. I have now read through the details of the announcement today.

    I haven't had a PULHEEMS for about ten years.

    When I did ask about this (5 years ago) at the local military med centre they turned me away as they only looked after regulars.

    I am an exception or is this the norm?
  2. depends on your grading and your age.
  3. Grading?

  4. should have had one at 30, one at 35, one at 40 and your next one at 45. There are also promotion based ones too.
  5. That's four I've missed then.
  6. Drop into your unit and tell them, they will arrange one via TAOHS, which generally means travelling to a local TA unit on a training evening or a weekend and seeing a civvy gp paid hideous amounts of money!
  7. As above is correct. Should have age related PULHHEEMS at 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 52 and 54. Army Medical Centres only deal with Regulars. Your unit should book your TA Medicals through TAOH (TA Occupational Health) by fax or email to taoh@ohsas.scot.nhs.uk.
  8. UK med centres are only funded for regular personnel. Its even built into the contract for the computer system - no reservists
  9. Hmm... another shining example of "One Army"...
  10. If they are not on FTRS/S type* etc then they are not catered for, if they are actually working somwhere full time then they can use the medical centre for that unit/formation. Approaching a unit medical centre and accidentally leaving a couple of beers behind could see the system bend a little.

    Of course this never happens at my place, oh no.

    *whatever its called these days
  11. ..this is one that really gets my goat!

    I can SEE the local Med centre from my office window...

    ..but no - I have to take two days off to fly to the Midlands for a 15min appointment!

    Tell me someone - how on earth this makes sense?
  12. You joined ARRSE in 2006, surely you know by now?? Ask your PSI
  13. Move closer to your med centre then, ok seriously with the introduction of DMCIP if your local med centre were to do your medical then it would appear in your records almost instantly (assuming no failures from Dii, DMICP and JPA).
    At the beginning of next month F/med 4's will no longer be updated - no no need for access to the Fmed 4 to complete a medical. Any medic history of note should already be on DMICP, so in theory any medical centre can serve any entitled person.

    The rules do state that your med centre should do the medical, however we have recently done a few for local (TA) lads rather than send them on a stupid journey of somewhere like 200 miles. A nurse/medic appointment and one with the MO, or waste all that fuel and time? I justify it as it is the greener option (tell the CoC it saves money/carbon footprint etc, and you've won), and so far there have been no problems from any part of the CoC with us doing this.

    I have refused the request to do 150 medicals and vaccinations, and as with any non urgent appointment, urgent matters take priority. My unit being medically deployable being one of them.

    The system is wrong, but some of us (if asked nicely) will find ways round it sometimes.
  14. Are you sure??? My medical record is only available on paper form, most old and reservist medical records were not migrated to DMICP (unless your talking about a project my mate was working on..)
  15. I'm going to start a little thread on it, only I forgot to write down some usable quotes, but yes, F/med 4's are no longer going to be started on new recruits and all old ones are no longer to be added to. Not even the basic info on the front and back covers.
    This means 'a certain location' will actually have to do some work for a change and not just send reservists along for deployment without any form of medical or vaccination recorded.
    I digress, all new paper records are to be scanned and the original shredded.
    We won't need to keep paper records as we are going over to paperless offices sometime in before the year 2000 :? ....... Dii is so stable that we'll never lose connection either so thankfully that won't be a problem.... :?