PULHEEMS to be "pulled" as a savings measure?

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by royalmile, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. Talking to a locum at the med centre yesterday. He has heard a rumour that PULHHEEMS will be scrapped as a savings measure. I can't see how you would save much money as the doctors would still be there. Also the potential for huge damages claims later when someone keels over with a condition that would have been picked up in the routine examinations. Also how could the Army know who was FE for deployment, or downgraded etc?

    I can't believe this rumour, but has anyone else heard it?
  2. PULHEMMS is long gone anyway.
  3. I enquired at the Med Centre about a PULHEEMS appointment after my 35th birthday and was told they'd chinned it off.

    "Also how could the Army know who was FE for deployment, or downgraded etc?"

    Because they go sick?
  4. They have been discussing this for month's, you have not heard it because your hearing shot, YOUR NO LONGER H1, H1.

  5. Is this how you are medically classified?
  6. jrwlynch

    jrwlynch LE Book Reviewer

    Will anyone notice?

    I've gone from nervously eager AIB candidate to commissioned officer in the RNR; and in that five and a half years the most demanding medical examination I've had from the military, is signing the RNFT form where I self-certify that I'm not aware of any reason I can't do a bit of exercise without a risk of dropping dead half-way through.

    I've raised the issue a few times and had several flavours of slightly embarrassed "yes, someone ought to do something about that". Once it got as far as "we'll be in touch to arrange something" and even made it as far as "any idea where your medical records are?" before going quiet again.

    Apparently "that wasn't meant to happen" or even "that's not possible"... yeah, whatever.
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  7. Winner! I am due an inappropriate feel of my tackle after turning forty in February so I guess I will not be violated by some failed GP after all.
  8. I had an age-related PULHHEEMS on 16th April this year. Was your enquiry after this, or am I speshul.
  9. No, before April. Perhaps you're not considered to be a very robust individual.
  10. Just to quell any rumours before they start, I'm not P4.
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