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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. Chaps, dont know if anyones unit can help me out, Im due a PULHEEMS before 2nd week in September this year, however when I phoned up Grantham to book in at their Med Centre they informed me they have no vacancies before that date, mainly due to them being closed for 3 weeks in August!

    However, they did inform me I could have a PULHEEMS with another unit (something I was always told was a big no no?) that is more local to where I live, so in short are the any units within a couple of hours drive of the Reading area who have got any PULHEEMS scheduled soon that I can tag on to?

    Any help will be rewarded with a pie, pint and bag of crisps of your choice!
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    Have you tried your GP?

    That was one of the options they gave to me. Either tip up at Grantham a day earlier than everyone else and do it at the Med Centre or see if my Doc could do it and claim the cost back later.
  3. Good call, will follow that up!
  4. Try contacting your local RAMC unit and see if they can help. Most TA RAMC seem to be doctors in civilian life. We have the Doc in every 6 weeks or so to do the PULHEEMs for the latest batch of recruits and to prod about the old and bold who are due theirs. Our Doc is a local GP but also local RAMC. As long as you get your PULHEEMs file from your P-file i don't see the problem with trying another unit who have their doc in that night, provided you clear it first (One army concept?)

    Good luck

  5. There is no real issue about going to another unit. I was in an independent unit and was not particularly relishing the prospect of a day's round trip, but the Chief Clerk rang me having already arranged an appointment for me at a local TAC pretty close to my house.
  6. We sent about 6 people to RMB Chivenor recently to undergo PULHEEMS reviews when we were on camp down that way. And although a Junior Doctor had a bit of a strop when he found six TA bods sat outside his door the actual MO was like "shut up, carry on" - So if you can do it with another service I'm sure another unit isn't a problem like above posts say
  7. I had mine at arborfield med centre
  8. Erm, technically a medical centre can refuse to treat a TA soldier, they are funded by the APHCS for regular army soldiers only. If you don't believe me ask any person having a medical @ Grantham, were their details recorded on paper or on their new medical IT system, like the 100 odd regular soldiers based there?
    Or visit Chillwell and compare the very old system used by RTMC and the brand new one next door ...... One army ... yeah right
  9. There is currently a Pilot Study into TA medicals and vaccinations for anyone serving in the 2 Div area. In essence they have contracted out the medicals to NHS Scotland and the plan is that no TA soldier/officer should have to travel more than an hour for a medical/vaccinations. This only applies to routine examinations and not enlistments. The medicals will be conducted at several sites some of which could be regular facilities for example MRS Edinburgh is one of the chosen sites. If you are in the 2 Div area your admin staff should be aware of these changes.
  10. I had mine done about 3 weeks ago. Managed to get them done at my old unit. No problems, they even phoned to me to arrange a convenient time to go in.
  11. Thanks for all the advice folks, managed to get booked in at the above.
  12. There are two med centres at chillwell,one for the regular and attached, and the other for the t.a and reservists that are being mobbed .The base one won't touch you with a barge pole.What one did you go to?.if you have a medic attached , he/she should be able to get you seen by contacting a med unit that has an M.O. most GPs won't entertain you as, the army for a while ,wasn't seen to be settling it's bills with the aforementioned. so are reluctant to help.market forces for you eh!.