Pukka guy?

anyone know this guy?

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MMVG is, I believe, part of the RWLC (Royal Waltshire Logistic Corps).

mapsymbs.com said:
This website is the personal production of Tom Mouat. It has no official endorsement, either real or implied, by any Government Agency.

</p>Major Tom Mouat MBE ato psc has been a serving Officer with the British Army since 1979.

He is a Graduate of the Army Staff College, Camberley; and has served in Britain, Germany, Cyprus, Norway, The USA, Gibraltar, Malaysia, The Oman, Belize, the Falklands and Bosnia.

He was the principal Exercise Planning Officer, designing and running large scale military training exercises, for Headquarters ACE Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) in Germany for 2 years immediately prior to their first deployment to Bosnia. It was here he designed MapSymbs ...

... Tom Mouat is an expert in both manual and computer-based simulation systems, running large scale military training exercises, and designing wargames.
I've searched The London Gazette Honours 1900-2006, The Times and MoDUK and could find no reference to him
He is real and does have the qualications stated.

the London Gazette search engine is pants!
He's kosher. Army List 2002

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