Pugachevc cobra

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Devil_Dog, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. Does anyone have videos of this awsome manouvre.I've been told it serves no purpose in combat other than to intimidate your opponent with your flying skills.Any thoughts?

  2. Try looking on www.alexisparkinn.com under Military then scroll down to Kobra!
  3. The link is to some motel in Iowa.I dont see "MIlitary'' and certainly no kobra.Thanks though.
  4. Thanks pal.

    Still trying to figure out what battlefield use this manouvre has.Its seems to put an extaordinary amount of stress on the airframe.
  5. I think the idea was they thought the opposing pilot might be totaly shocked by the manouvre thinking :wtf: and lose his SA and then they would have the upper hand - or maybe I'm talking utter bollox!!!
  6. "Hit the breaks and watch 'em fly right by...."
  7. And I'll clean em and fry em oh ha!
  8. The next thing that happens is Silsoe takes his top off, rubs Lurpak on his man boobs then starts playing netball with the Croydon Boy Scouts whilst a member of the Communards fiddles with his balls.
  9. I tried that last weekend!

    Crashed and burned!!! :twisted:
  10. I'm getting a hard on!
  11. that is nails. cool site.