Puffin Billy parts wanted

I am on the scrounge for the donut shaped part of a puffin billy which goes in the bottom of the bin - it is for a museum display in lancaster.
Will pick up in the North West

Used to use those in the field to sanitize our mess kits. The idea was to get three or four of those things going heating the water to boiling. You'd dip your kit in all four trash cans to get the big chunks off the bowl before the chef's assistant would put a ladle of mystery meat in brown sauce in your tray. I knew them well. Tricky as fcuk to light as I remember.
Ah the good old puffing billies, remember them well especially when to tell your sproge storeman not to look inside to check if its lit as it would probably go bang and burn your eye browsoff , and what did the stupid sod do........ yes look inside and poof a scream and no eye brows. Good old days

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