Puffin billy, fuel immersion heater

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thegimp, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got a link to a version of one of these.

    You know the bit of kit the duty QM sprog had to light early every morning to supply hot water to the masses

    Big oil drum, tube/chimney, liquid fuel (diesel?) get it wrong and the chimney went into orbit followed by the unlucky lighters eyebrows/tash/spam skin

    alllowed everyone to shave in oily water :D

    My google fu is weak on this one
  2. M75 Heater, immersion, water.
  3. Cheers

    christ hard work this one innit
  4. M67 old chap.
  5. turned many a man into a minstrel with a singed tache!
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  6. Any friendly QMs out there with a spare loafing around :)
  7. Under the terms of recent Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaties, they've been banned, as the start-up mushroom clouds cause mass panic, and peasants clearing the shelves at Lidl.
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  8. Many eyebrows became victim of the early morning lighting up procedure. I always remember an expectant crowd gathering at the HQ location as the Q's biff tried to get them started.
  9. We actually had to casevac someone after their attempt at lighting one went tits up.......I can still picture the look of shock on his face after the flash!
  10. Ex Rolling Deep 94, ran out of fuel so while the tank was being refilled, cookie kept it alight by pouring in small amounts of fuel out of a babies head tin. Que, flash back and the contents of the tin landed on one of the LCpls followed by a sheet of flame as the vapours ignited. Off went the LCpl quicker than Linford Christie and on Browndown Beach that was some feat. Lads caught him and almost drowned him under jerry can after jerry can of water. Good job really as he ended up with burns the same as bad sunburn. :sunny:
    His missus didn't like me after I did the old smoking matchstick joke (like Richard Priors) at the troops Christmas bash the same year. :twisted:
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  11. Funny, we were only discussing these at work today. I don't know anyone who has used one that hasn't blown themselves up at least once!
  12. Lead in my maggot one morning as the guard did the round and one of his duties was to light the puffing billy. Heard phtum, followed by Kin Hell. Saw the person who lit it later, looked like Max Wall.
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  13. We trained our chogies to light them in Kosovo and Iraq. Even though we showed them how to pre-heat the flue they decided that they knew best, and continued trying to drip lit petrol straight into a cold doughnut. We used to get the smell of melted eyebrows wafting past our tent at least once a day.

    Fact - an M67 is the funniest alarm clock in the world. :D
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  14. Still have one of these in my G10. Needed some spare parts for it, so we put in a demand - supply response came back "Restricted to Special Forces issue only"!

    Are we trying to entrap bin Laden with one? His beard would go up a treat...
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