Puckeridge guard Aldershot

Puckridge was great.

You just got left alone for twenty four hours. Two hours bimbling around and four hours eating or trying to get scabies off the mattresses. We used to try and set records for amount of banjoes consumed. Every time someone lost a hand of cards they had to knock up a round. If they played particularly badly they weren't allowed to get their egg from the fresh rations, but had to play Russian Roulette with the ones at the back of the fridge, that had been cemented in there since 1979.

It was much better than Monty Lines guard. Doing the 12 till 2 am back gate took nerves of steel. It wasn't so much having to say to pi-ssed up loons that they couldn't bring their chicks in. It was trying not to offend someone when you turned down the offer of a half-chewed saveloy from Tony's and some chips that had been on the deck.


Ah, Puckeridge guard, used to stag on in the tower, wishing i had a .22 rimfire for all the rabbits hopping around. Whilst practicing a freefall jump for the then defence secretary , a mate gote a bad spot and landed in Puckeridge. I think the ACC were stagging on. They did'nt know he was there until he knocked on the guardroom door with an armful of parachute and asked to be let out!!


The place was minging, just the smell of foisty sleeping bags and fried eggs. There used to be a sgt and a cpl from the raoc posted there who used to pilfer the teabags and the occasional ginsters.
Convoy, I was on stag there with J*** R****r and he decided to tightrope style walk along the edge of the water tank. No prizes for guessing where he ended up!


Yes I remember puckeridge. I spent many a grim 24 hour guard in that dump. I remember that full screw raoc with the mega thick glasses who used to nick tea bags. Them were the days
We got a better stag at Buller prowler round the duchess of bent stop and chat to the WRAC's before taking a perv round the back of CMH were the nurses lines were and cop an eyefull to get on that gaurd you had to bribe the RP staff who was drawing up the rota with 2 or 3 packs of smokes a slack stag only out twice a day compare to the 2 on 2 off in the main camp :D

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