Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by slopey_shoulders, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Well ,what with the recent introduction of 24 hr drinking in god ol blighty i thought it appropriate to appeal to my fellow arrsers and find out where those 24hr establishments are, that is in relation to where we are based. i heard that the railway in blandford is now 24hr, can this be verified??
  2. I just drove past what used to be a smashing traditional old pub. I have in the past enjoyed many an evening in its pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. It has however been refurbished and is now a thing of sharp lines and minimalist taste. It's called Barcelona Bar. What was wrong with The Fleece?
  3. The landlord of one of the Balndford pubs (Railway?) was on Radio 4 this morning. He had stayed open until 4am, although he had to stop serving between 2300 and 0001 because the new law didn't kick in 'til midnight.
  4. What, The Fleece in Richmond ? FFS Whats that all about then? Is the chippy still next door?? Best chip butty ever. WRT THe Railway, it won't be open 24 hrs, it'll just seem like it... Although a civvy mate of mine drinks in there because he can't stand the rest of town. The Kings has gone down the sh*tter since I left. There only used to be 3 of us squaddies went in there and it was mint.
  5. I'll tell you what to solve this i'll go down tonight and find out for certain. In the interests of public information i assure you and not to get cnuted till 4 in the morning in a vain atempt to make a bowman course interesting
  6. He said it would be 'flexible'.

    In other words, he'll shut when he goddam pleases...............
  7. No. Fleece in a village called Lindley.
  8. Thank Fcuk for that. Some things should remain sacred, and turning Squaddie Pubs into Poncey Winebars is a no no
  9. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I heard it too and it was indeed the Railway. Apparently they served coffee and soft drinks between 2320 (end of drinking up time) and midnight and still had 30 people in there to buy drinks again at 0001.
  10. Dam right!! I went away on tour and the perfectly good squaddie pub i left behind was turned into a sh*t winebar when i returned!!
  11. yes i can verify that the railway is indeed open 24 hours.
  12. Nice hangover there Bulky??
  13. YEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! :lol:

    Ferry Mucking Christmas!! :lol:
  14. right oh , thats blandford covered. what about york?bath?nuneaton?catterick?aldershot? salisbury? calling all arrsers in the uk , we need to "locate and name " those establishments that are now open 24hrs , there must be at least one pub in each garrison which is open! .
  15. Oh i can also vouch for the fact that the Choughs is now open till 0130 and tiffs is open till whenever they get told to shut by the manager who's worried nobody will go to the spot if they have somewhere else to drink (officially i think it's 0400).