Pubs with a military history connections

Has anyone else found a military history connection link? I found the John Brunt VC in Paddock Wood and as google is my friend I looked him up. Interesting character and got his VC fending off the enemy single handed so the other chaps could escape


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There's (was not been in a while) a pub in Poole called THe Victoria Cross.

It did have info and photo's of all the Victoria Cross awardee's
Last Two were McKay V.C & Jones V.C.. when I was in about 10 years ago.
Not sure if it's still there or been updated but used to be good for a pint and a read.
Marquis of Granby - fahsunds of 'em. Well, hundreds, anyway.

General John Manners, Marquis of Granby set up ex-soldiers of his old Regiment (Royal Horse Guards) in pubs and ale houses. Hence the reason why there are still to this day, more pubs named after him than any other individual.
The Royal Green Jacket in Worthing Sussex , The British Volunter in Ashford Kent.. but steer clear of that one because it is truley a shithole frequented by the dregs of society & at one point was the only pub in Ashford not to register on the pub watch scheme.

The Inkerman on the ( only ) road to Rye Harbour.

Has a large print copy of The Roll call on one wall, with a more modern version underneath. They have also put together a folder of information on the History of The Battle of Inkerman and The Gr*nadi*rs part in it.

And the food is excellent, huge plate full of decent scoff at very reasonable cost.
Marquis of Granby - fahsunds of 'em. Well, hundreds, anyway.

General John Manners, Marquis of Granby set up ex-soldiers of his old Regiment (Royal Horse Guards) in pubs and ale houses. Hence the reason why there are still to this day, more pubs named after him than any other individual.
always wondered why there were so many of these boozers now i know everyday a learning day
There is/was a pub in Essex, near to Waltham Abbey called The Volunteer. It was owned by the father of a lass at my school. Apparently the pub as used as a recruiting post for the local regiment heading out to fight the French.
The Montgomery, pub sign is the man himself with double cap badge, in Hampton Magna,just outside Warwick, handy for the races
or park the car up and have a really beautiful walk with or without the dog and er indoors, upto the locks on the canal, nice pub up
there, that name escapes me,but fantastic views down i think 7 lock levels into Warwick castle.
There was a pub on the A40 between Loudwater and the start of High Wycombe called 'The Butts' not a bad little boozer, and used to have strippers on a Sunday afternoon.

That was my favourote day.

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The Kings Head, Bird Street in Lichfield, its where the 38th of Foot was raised there, they became The Staffords now 3rd Mercian.
There's a great pub in Lavenham in Suffolk called the Swan. It was the local of a USAF bomber base and the then landlord, a gayer, also personally served the Yank CO, also a gayer. The Yank got the good news over the Fatherland and the pub is now full of contemporary USAF memorabilia collected by the landlord.

Lavenham is a great place to visit anyway as it is a fossilised medieval town. The pubs serve fine local cider, and when I went there as a student on a field trip in 1995 the runway, control tower and buildings were all still standing (not like my student mates who had drunk a skinful). As we drove in silent awe around the old base the hairs on the back of my neck bristled as I remembered the heroic exploits of the airmen that I'd read about in the Swan. (The Yank won a posthumous gong, CMH, one of hundreds who flew out of Lavenham and into eternity).

As we came round the perimeter track, dusk had fallen and the place was full of silent ghosts. I couldn't resist it, I dropped a gear and swung hard onto the old runway flooring the accelerator as I did so! I sped at full pelt down the runway with the engine howling and the drunks cheering me wildly on and maybe just for a moment we touched history and were at one with the past...

Bloody hell, it seems like 16 years has passed in a flash!

What a thoroughly brilliant historical day out, a visit to Hedingham Norman castle, lunch and cider in the Swan, a muse round the church with its fine misericords and a final trespass on the old bomber base.

Well recommended.

Swan Destination Lavenham

Lavenham Airfield
Hero of Waterloo - Sydney, New South Wales

The Hero of Waterloo » History

******* great pub, gets packed on a Friday night so plenty of body rubs against tits.
Is that Maltese bloke still the publican, a rude c*nt?

Also try "Trip to Jerusalem" in Nottingham. It's built into the castle rock and goes back to about 1200's and blokes used to meet up there on the way to the Crusades.
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem - Englands Oldest Inn

Also the "Chesire Cheese" on Fleet St, goes back to the 1500's
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, City of London, London EC4A 2BU - Passionate about Pubs

Mark The Convict

I found that sense of history quite riveting when I was in England; we don't have anything like it here (obviously) not in European terms anyway. Am I allowed to say that? Oops!
If you're interested in the battle of Britain you could try this one:

The Wattenden Arms in Kenley - Pub Home

I found this after having a look around the old RAF Kenley station, which is well worth a look on it's own in my opinion.

Lots of pictures and stuff about the history of squadrons based there during the battle.

It's also where a lot of the airmen used to go whenever they got the chance as well.
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