Pubs to avoid/enjoy in Winchester

Discussion in 'Travel' started by knuckle_dragger, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Can any Arsers recommend pubs and eateries etc to use or avoid in Winchester ? . I am stuck in hotel accom midweek for a month soon and having never spent more than a couple of hours there before would appreciate any gen.
  2. Hi KD

    Got these from some one who lives there.

    Indian – Ghandi
    Chinese – Mr So
    Italian – much of a muchness could do worse than Pizza Express
    Chesil (?) Rectory – posh nosh, very expensive but worth it.

    Wykham Arms – good, safe.

    Jail House – cheep and cheerful, lively
    O’Neills – cheep and cheerful, lively


    Kind regards

  3. Go to the wetherspoons plenty of dollybirds there - porterhouse for some right slappers
  4. The Old Vine near the Cathedral is alright.