Pubs ban threat for rowdy Royal Marines

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by jumpinjarhead, Mar 9, 2010.

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  1. Oh the humanity..... :D

  2. DISGRACEFULL!! That would never have happened in my day..... err :oops: :oops:
  3. As I recall from my time there, the problem was less about Royal getting out of hand than local yokels coming into town to try their luck with the lads.... and coming in 2nd
  4. Tut tut, it couldn't happen here...
  5. Yeah coz there aren't enough of you to start anything :D

    And you're all Aussie moffies, obviously.

    You've been neglecting me :cry: you said you loved me.
  6. He'll be back again when his sack fills up.
  7. He's Santa?
  8. In a manner of speaking. He only comes once a year.
  9. I'm trying to think of something better than that, and failing..
  10. No mention of roll mats or naked bar... quiet weekend then and another non-story from Arrse own Uncle Sam's Misguided Child and gobshoite...

    What will tomorrow's offering be? Soldiers spill a drink whilst going for a curry in Aldershot shock horror!!!
  11. I've been busy thrusting dropbear fangs into your effigy, the effects should manifest themselves any time now...
  12. It was never like that when I were a lad...the boys used to go into Dundee for trouble and totty!
  13. Having driven through Arbroath (once, doors locked, windows up) I'm with Cuddles. It may be convenient, but hardly registers on the scale of top nights out, even in Scotland.
  14. Which part of my anatomy should I be watching?
  15. Why, all of it, of course :twisted: