Publicly Funded Further Education/Higher Education (PF FE/HE) application criteria


This year i am looking at receiving a Medical Discharge so currently trying to organise my resettlement.

Im interested in potentially using the FE/HE funding for a university course but I'm aware that Elcas will only provide funding if its for your first level 3 or national equivalent course (although i have heard rumours that they will still fund if you have a level 4 qual too).

But my question is how do they know what qualifications you currently hold when making sure you fit the criteria? i imagine the only way they can tell is if you have used ELC's to fund the qualification? basically I'm also looking at doing a level 5 course but will be fully funding it myself and I'm wondering if theres any way they could see that i have a higher qualification than they allow for me to use FE/HE funding.

can anyone shed some light on this?
Many thanks
I would pop along to or telephone/email the educational institution of your choice and enquire, informally. Their admissions department will advise accordingly and refer you to the financial support department if necessary. Course entry qualifications and funding vary depending on the subject you wish to study and the level obviously, as I am sure you know. Sorry if this is waffley and vague, but without knowing more about your course choices it is difficult to be more specific. Student Finance are really helpful with funding applications and every institution wants you to study with them - funding changes to FE/HE institutions has changed and they are all chasing as many students as they can get through the door. Good news for learners :)
Thanks very much for the info, think ill also try and call Elcas in the morning and see what they say...

will check out the link, thanks again!
Good plan and good luck!
Remember that they want you to study with them - you are the customer, it is up to them to impress you, you're paying for your course, as a tax payer and possibly via your student loan
called Elcas today, spoke to a woman who said theres a central data base where they can check all of your records and gave me an example of someone she knew who had been taken off a course funded by Elcas using FE/HE funding because they had checked his previous qualification levels and found he had a higher qual than the eligibility rules will allow .