Publication of UK Defence Statistics 2006

For anoracs everywhere.......

The UK Defence Statistics 2006 are published today. The statistics are an annual statistical compendium containing a wealth of information on defence expenditure, Service and civilian personnel and defence activities.

The compendium comprises seven chapters. The first looks at Finance - how much the MOD spends and on what. It also looks at the value of imports and exports, at employment generated by defence spending and at the value of contracts awarded by the MOD.

The second chapter contains information on Service and Civilian Personnel. This includes information on the changing size and structure of the MOD, where people are located, military pay, deaths in service, compensation claims made against the MOD, civilian sickness absence and analysis by ethnic origin.

The third chapter, Formations, Vessels, Aircraft and Vehicles of the Armed Forces covers the strength and formation of the Armed Forces.

Chapter four has details of Aircraft Air Accidents, Casualties, Flying Hours and Vehicle Accidents, chapter five covers Military Search and Rescue statistics, chapter six looks at Land Holdings and Buildings, and chapter seven looks at Northern Ireland and Military Aid to the Civil Community and Conflict Prevention.

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