Public Support. Does Your Country Need You?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cholmondley-Warner, May 30, 2007.

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  1. A glance at the First Post this morning and a very good article on the role and life of a mercenary / whatever in Iraq is sort of centre stage.

    This article is worth a read, if only to get another take on the lives of the guys working for security firms in Iraq or elsewhere. After having his nose removed by a 7.62mm round one guy is taken to a US medical facility for treatment...

  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    On Telic 1 I used to pick up the mail from both the Postal & Courier sqn and Force HQ.

    Never saw any ' Die you squaddy tw4t' mail at all...maybe the P&C guys filtered it out.

    I did see a lot of care packages from both US and UK addressed to
    ' A soldier in Iraq '...and a big box of letters from would-be penpals sending their best wishes.

    Organisations like 'Soldiers Angel' are still going strong.

    Despite the mean-hearted decision that packages for Telic will no longer be free, I'm pretty sure people are still sending stuff to our folk in both theatres....long may it continue.

    Le Chevre
  3. The bean-counters also stopped letters / parcels to "A Soldier In...", which lots of schools and colleges had got involved with for OP GRANBY. I'd like to know how hate-mail is getting through, unless it's being sent to named personnel...
  4. When I was a postie I never sorted or saw any hate mail for the troops, loads of care letters and small packets though.
  5. Thats the reason the Soldiers have to sign themselves up, or get signed up by their family and friends (with the Soldiers permission). Our Angels are all screened through verification and true supporters and with the Mother Organization for years. Every Angel and Soldier has an ID and can be looked up in the system.

    Only verified Angels who are with the Organization can join the LWT for example and it is the Soldiers decision if he wants this additional support from the Letter Writing Teams. There are no "Any Soldiers" Letters, only if the Soldier requests them for his battle buddies. But even those letters are sent in an envelope adressed to him.

    A Soldier who signs himself up gets an Angel (male/or female). This Angels sends at least one/two packages a month and a letter per week until the Soldier gets home (some Angels have adopted Soldiers who are on their second or third tour already). When the Soldier signs himself up he's asked if he wants additional support (from the LWT or ESQUAD for example). If so, he's submitted for LWT and/or the ESQUAD. And when the letters are adressed to a Soldier personally... it's the Soldiers choice... ;)
  6. I really didn't know that the Soldier' Angels actually catered for non US Forces as well. What a thoroughly altruistic and generous bunch of people you are!

    We should feel a little humbled.
  7. Yup, first we had the Coalition Angels and then transformed into Soldiers Angels Europe. I see the britons on a daily basis... grown up with the Americans and know that my country wouldn't be free if all these Soldiers and families wouldn't have sacrificed so much to free us... that's a way to give back what was given to us, and I'll never forget. It's my very own way to say "Thank You for everything you've done for Germany" and most of the Angels feel the same way. Not that you've freed Germany but that you guys keep us safe. Defend the countries if needed and sacrifice a lot more than most of us ever will.