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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. Good source of recruits for TA????

    My Sqn has a number of instructors on these course and we seem to gain a fair number of recruits from these courses.

    Maybe my my units seeing a 'blip' or has any other unit seen this????

    Have a little bit of vested interest in these courses as it seems their is another polar on her way to joining RSigs
  2. All the Uniformed Services recruits in my squadron sacked it. Total retards
  3. If you are able to recruit that is. We have a freeze on recruiting including attestation for any further recruits until April 2010; same for the entire Bde. :-(
  4. I've dealt with a number of public service courses from various colleges and have come to the conclusion around 95% of them are there because they couldn't decide what else to do.
    For instance the last one i worked with out of a 110 students these are the roles they wanted to work in.
    fire service- 19
    Raf- 2
    Navy- 1
    Army- 1
    Working with them for a week I discovered the bulk were just work shy bazzas with no real motivation's, I talked with them about volunteering for roles such as special constable's, TA etc to boost their CV and increase chances of getting into their chosen career. In return I got nothing but negative responses, but to be fair the one's that were motivated were excellent and that included the young lad destined for the infantry.
  5. Seriously?

    I can't believe that is true. If it is, it's appalling and another regular knee jerk......the pipeline will dry up and it'll take months/years to recover! You won't even stand still with people leaving (as they do).

    What are you telling 'walk ins'??? 'Sorry mate, we're bust'?

    Ridiculous :x
  6. Well it's not hampered us we had 43 on w/e 1 this w/e which is well up from normal
  7. I wish it weren't true, but it is. Since the Regt is nominally at 85% strength (and that's not pers all FFR), we've been ordered to stop recruiting, no further attestations, medicals or recruits being accepted. It beggars belief, it's taken us 12 months to implement a new recruiting system with an average of three new bodies being attested per month and now we're being told to stand down.

    I've fought it, my OC has fought it, but the answer from the CoC is stop, do not pass go, do not recruit until the start of the new training year. My recruiting team ADC elms will not have their contracts renewed, and the other pers must be re tasked for alternative duties. Today my AO had to tell three potential recruits, who phoned in, that they should phone again in April 2010 since we will have no vacancies until then. :(

    It's been bad enough telling guys they can only train as C1 since they have exceed 50 MTDs and having the majority of our training weekends cut. The expectation that we can just turn the recruiting tap back on is a farce. :x Utterly gutted. However I endeavor to remain optimistic regardless.
  8. see PM
  9. The next ********* who tells me that "The additional cost of Operations is met from Foreign Office contingency reserves" will get roasted.

    Why on earth is this shite not making the papers ?
  10. i did uniformed public services, quite a cool course learning about the different laws and stuff.

    one of my ex-tutors is in the TA and said about joining, always thought about it after finishing college but was going to join the RLC but ended up going infantry instead as he was in the same unit.

    on topic, it can be a good recruiting tool depending on what trips and visits you get, for example most of my course are now in there first year of uni and going to join the police force, probably because our main tutor was an ex copper so leaned on that side more than the military side.
  11. Good luck with that, the people I have met who have done this course are generally cretins, or kids who have a long way to go until they are at a level of maturity that the Police would expect.

    The course doesn't nothing to help you get into the job, nor does going to uni!! And in this recession alot of forces won't be recuriting for a long time as they have back log of recruits going through!!!
  12. Get alot of these types walking around my college, bragging about how there all going to be paras and alike.
  13. I did this course over 10 years ago with a view to joining civ plod. Overall I found it beneficial in many respects but now later in life, with hindsight, I should've gone for A levels. Hindsight eh?!

    During the course we linked up with 183 Army Youth Team from what was Worcs & Sherwood Forresters at Long Marston and Capel Curig for a week at a time. Had a great laugh with them and as its more than 10 years ago now and I still remember their names, shows what a good crack we had.

    I'm not sure if 183 is still around recruiting, or if the lads are still in, however I become especially sad when I hear of a loss from 2 Mercian.