Public Service Announcement: Fallout, Bethesda, and Obsidian.


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A couple of months back I reviewed Fallout: New Vegas (read the review HERE). In that review I concluded by saying that in spite of its heritage and many plus points, I couldn't condone the shocking state in which the software was released. Reports of bugs and general cock-ups have been rife since the day it was released, and it seemed that everyone was running into something critical.

At first I was prepared to let it slip. The game is huge and impossible to fully test, and patches were promised almost straight away. I decided to reserve final judgement until I have been issued the patch for my platform, PS3.

Unfortunately, I ran into a game-ending bug after putting some considerable time and effort into it. The bug I encountered effectively ended any possibility of me continuing with the main storyline. Having done pretty much everything, this left me with nothing to do. I put New Vegas away until the patch was released.

The wait lasted nearly two months.

Just after Christmas I finally got to download the patch that supposedly fixed all the the game's troubles. Immediately I jumped in and loaded up my last save, in an attempt to get that little bit further. As you'll see from my bug report (posted HERE the Bethesda website), the patch did absolutely fuck all for my issue. New Vegas is still, to all intents and purposes, crippled for me - unless I'm prepared to throw away fifteen hours of gaming and start from not-quite-scratch.

This post is partly powered by spite, partly by anger and frustration, but having reviewed the game for you originally I feel duty-bound to issue you with fresh warning:

Fallout: New Vegas is not worth £40 of your hard-earned cash. It has been delivered with all the quality of DII, but without the support. If you haven't bought it already but are tempted, I urge you to look elsewhere for your next RPG fix. If you've got it, I wouldn't recommend the latest DLC pack that is due for imminent release. Indeed, I'd go so far as to say that any future release that has been coded by Obsidian Entertainment or released by Bethesda Softworks will be getting a stiff ignoring from me for some time to come.

You encounter the corrupt save file glitch, Bruno?

I've only just started playing the game again (this time from the very beginning) after the exact same thing happened to me. Was faffing around about to get into the New Vegas strip and then it crashed. When I loaded the game back up shortly afterward I was told that the save file was buggered and I'd best just deal with it. Pain in the arse considering my last save point was about 7-8 hours of gameplay back.

I tossed the game and stuck RDR or MW2 on to keep myself entertained. However, if you haven't already, I'd kick the game off from the beginning again. You'll find a significant advantage with those starter towns, knowing what you're walking into and there should still be loads for you to explore to keep you interested. Just go a different way once you reach Nipton and have a walk around. HOWEVER I would recommend that you save in an alternating fashion in two files and keep the autosave on. A bit of insurance just in case it crashes again, mate.
What platform are you guys playing it on? I'm a fair way into it and (so far) haven't encountered this problem.

That being said, I can't believe that the developers have released this with quite so many glitches. I'm running it in PS3 and it's frozen on me several times requiring me to restart the console. It's also full of other glitches that haven't really spoiled the gameplay but are still annoying.

I understand that, particularly on the consoles, it's a big game but you'd have thought that the developers would have actually finished it.


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I'm on PS3. I've got eight separate save files, all perfectly valid. The problem I have, aside from the regular crashes, is the quest logic. My main quest line is fucked and won't progress.

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Quite agree with the OP, I gave up on New Vegas on PS3 due to the constant freezing and restarts. It's not like we're on the PC here where eveyone has different hardware - they know what they're developing for. It's a shame because I was enjoying it by and and large but by the end I could only play for approx 10 minutes before shuddering to a halt again, pisspoor. Is it the same lot doing Elder Scrolls V?


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Is it the same lot doing Elder Scrolls V?
I believe so, although they're developing a new game engine for it. Many people blame the Oblivion engine, which was used for ES4, F3 and NV without any improvement, for a lot of NV's issues.

You'd hope the Skyrim engine (for Elder Scrolls V will be called Skyrim, apparently) will provide some improvement. However, I won't be paying my money into Bethesda's pockets to verify it, that's for certain.
Would appear that I spoke too soon. I've made a fair bit of progress into the game but now it just freezes up constantly. Sometimes it'll eventually get going but others it just sits there.



I've got it o PS3 and apart from the occasional freezing I've had no major problems and am currently playing through for the second time to finish with a different faction after being NCR first time 'round.
I've finally given up on this. I've visited every location and just been saving the final few missions. I've bought the DLC pack in anticipation but I'm sick of it feezing. I cannot play for more than 20 minutes without having to turn the PS3 off, wait, turn it on, start the game, load my saved game and hope it wasnt too far back. Its unplayable and should never have been released.

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