Public sector Strike who actually supports it and wants it

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. The National Day of Action Fast approaches the actual Strike vote was very low however the Strike will go ahead. Who actually wants it from within the public sector and is it supported out with?.
  2. I can't imagine anyone wants to strike and I won't be but I'd support anyone who does.
    We need good public sector staff to educate kids, look after us when we are sick, keep crime down.
    We should reward people adequately for the work they do and not let govt erode conditions of service.
    If we pay peanuts...
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  3. That as maybe but we can't afford six million of them on the payroll. End of.
  4. There's been many front line redundancies already but management positions appear unaffected.
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  5. Reduce the managerial posts by half.

    Job done.
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  6. Armed forces have been placed on Standby to take over immigration control.
  7. Sixty

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    Jarrod's right of course: I doubt that anyone actually wants to strike but inasmuch as they're protesting about changes to their agreed contracts and it wasn't the binmen and so forth that caused this mess then, yes, I support them.
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  8. When I qualified as a nurse I could afford a mortgage borrowing three times my salary. Public sector wages have really nose-dived as have others.
    Many public sector workers cannot afford a mortgage anywhere in the country.
    Newly qualified nurse, teacher and other groups starting salary is about £22k. The professional groups will go abroad and we'll have a massive skills gap. It'll cost more to rectify this.
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  9. I dont want to strike but I will be on the 30th. I keep hearing the statement about "unaffordable pension" put forward but people need to realise that there is no commitment from the Government that the "extra" contributions will go towards pensions and they are not producing any figures to back up the 2 word statement. I am not some rabid left wing union member I am in fact very much a Tory but the Government have not put forward a case that convinces me that the increases are necessary to sustain our Local Government pension Scheme rather than just be a stealth tax on the pensions to get the Overall Government defecit down. Yes I know G Brown raped the private pension funds (something which he and his colleagues should be rightly ashamed of) and that the Private Sector is struggling but when faced with a 2 year pay freeze and then be told your pension contributions are going up by 3% of your wages (we had another increase 2 years ago which put our pension on a firm footing for 20-25 years so we were told) what other option is there?
    I am proud to serve the community in which I live and have not taken this decision lightly.
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  10. Speaking as an ex-public services employee, I support their action, but I also wish it wasn't necessary. One of the things that enticed me into public service was that you accepted the shit wages, no recognition of what you added to the good of the people, no end of griping from ******* in the pub, etc, for the payoff that you wouldn't be left in the street when you were too old to work, and couldn't get another job to make ends meet.

    This smacks of "We've drained the private sector generosity dry, who can we steal off next".
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  11. Says you but we can afford to sell banks for substantially less that we paid for them to people like Virgin.

    Contrary to what a lot of people think, public sector workers are not anxious to go on strike and take on the government but it's a measure of their anxiety about their pensions and their financial future that they are prepared to take this action.

    Stick a banker or a politician on the same pensions that most public sector workers are going to get when they retire and there might be some merit in your claim but the fact is that while the fat cats are going to see out their retirement in comfort and even luxury with no financial worries in their future, the majority of public sector workers are going to be living on just enough to make ends meet in their retirement. Yet some people think that's too much and they should accept less!

    Good luck to them. I hope they win this dispute.
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  12. Sixty

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    Discussion and analysis only. Keep your pathetic jibes to yourself.
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  13. I am still dubious about the whole thing and i am still undecided whether i will go to work on Wednesday. I have still yet to be informed Officially there is a strike on.

    Add to this as many public sector workers will confirm there is the reality of work place harassment of those who choose not to go on strike i heard thinly veiled threats myself during a office impromptu debate over the issue very few where I work are in favour of a strike
  14. Hmm. Have sympathy withe? Yes.
    Support in strike action? No, not really.

    Your bottom line is that for a generation or so everyone is going to have a comparatively shit time of it, possibly for the first time in modern history your kids will have it less good than you did. Striking won't change that.

    Will the bankers still be rolling in it? Yes.
    Will anything change that?
    An economy which does not rely almost entirely upon the financial services sector might. So don't look for much change before a kiddy born today is looking for a job, at the soonest.

    Shit isn't it?

    But there ya go.
  15. No support here. I just hope it is noted who goes on strike, so that when the redundancies come round again, I know who I would be putting at the top of the list.

    Fed up with the constant whining about how hard done by the little lambs in the public sector are. I hope plenty of companies like mine, also allow kids into work on strike day, anything to undermine the Unions.