Public Sector Shafting?

Chancellor Gordon Brown has called for wage restraint from public service workers after warning of the risks from a European economic slowdown
A deserate plea from a Chancellor who knows his sums don't add up?

Are we about to see wages in the private sector continue to rise well above inflation and at the same time, a stagnation of public sector wage increases? How is that going to help the already overstretched forces?

Nothing like becoming less competative to draw in the crowd.


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Not unconnected, perhaps, with two-jags' decision to capitulate to the Public Sector Unions jsut before the election, on Pensions?

Two things worth remembering -

1. The Forces make up a VERY small percentage of the Public Sector.
2. G Brown doesn't like nasty roughty-toughty Soldiers.

I don't think that he's out to get the Forces particularly - he probably hasn't even let this enter into his calculations. If he did, he would soon discount them - there aren't enough of them to count, most don't (can't) vote, they are too spread out the constituencies anyway, and finally, the public has lost a lot of respect for the Army due to a combination of Blair Wars and Piers Morgan lies.

End result - prepare for another shafting.....
I think Prezza 'capitulated' by saying that they'd start again later. In the meantime some of the new regulations have gone through Parliament IIRC.

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