Public Sector Pensions review

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Boris3098, Mar 10, 2011.

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  1. The much awaited Public Sector pension review by Lord Hutton is due out this morning.
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I've got me brew ready. I'm betting its going to say "you bastards will have to stop allowing cash equivalent transfer values" which is a shame because I quite like CETV's.
  3. Theres was a lot of Civilserpents bleating this morning.......welcome to the real world...and contribute to your own fecking pension
  4. The spite-mongers at the daily hate and many of the ovine retards who read and buy into the bollocks that they print were quick to respond with predictable ill-informed glee this morning.
  5. there also a lot of civil servents who get paid jack shit wages,and joined for the pension.
    police yesterday
    civil servents today
    you tomorrow
  6. I'll just throw this one into the ring…

    "…Even members of the Armed Forces, police and firemen, who can currently go on a full pension as early as 50, were told they will have to wait until they are 60 to qualify.…"


    I don't get my CS pension until I'm 65 anyway.
  7. So whats your take on it the Ivan?
  8. What sort of outlook is that for life!! most low paid private sector types wont even see a pension.....
  9. How is that a change to existing 'preserved pension' arrangements for those in AFPS 05? Does it really mean that anyone will be required to serve for longer? Not a rhetorical question, am looking for answers here.

  10. If you were allowed to stay in the forces until 65 I would have no problem with that, but If you have to leave the Forces, Fire and Police..your pension should start after your "sell by date" how ever council/ 9 to 5 Civil servants should contibute more to their they do less ( I m off sick for 12mth on full pay due to stress)...Life is hard.....but its harder if your stupid!!
  11. Simply this mate.
    I pay 11 per cent towards my pension which looks set to rise to 15 per cent. I,ve been paying this for 20 years and it now looks like i,ll have to work for 8 years longer to be able to qualify. Fine, i,ll suck it up if thats the case, but it pisses me off when some fat sweaty arsed journo who nevers steps out of their fleet street office writes drivel about "gold plated non contributory pensions" in order to play rabble rouser to the outrage whores and the great unwashed.
  12. I take your point about the Jurnos.....But the private sector will have to pay a lot more than that to equal your pension as it is not subisdised by the Tax Payer. its tough out there!
  13. The vast majority of CS do contribute to a pension at present (despite the Daily Hate trying to convince people otherwise). The average CS pension is barely £7,000 per year - its not exactly gold plated is it!

    Personally I have no huge problem with the changes, as my accrued pension will be okay, and any future 'average salary' pension will be based purely on my current grade. However I can see that with massively reduced promotion opportunities in future, new joiners will find it hard to get promotion and as such will see hugely reduced pensions in the long haul. This, coupled with salaries that are good for admin work, but poor once you need people with specialist skills such as engineers or project managers etc, will reduce the appeal of the CS as a long term career for people with key skills.

    We can easily get new admin types, but we're going to struggle to get specialists in - and this means either getting contractors (even more drain on the budget) or more screwed up project management and problems. This will cause a problem in years to come and will hurt the front line. Its hard enough now trying to convince our procurement people and engineers to stay, when they could easily double their salary outside. Reforming pensions will make this retention battle that little bit harder.
  14. Given that the gap between contributions and pensions in payment would double over the next four years to £9bn, people have to remember that we are skint and paying millions every day on interest for the national debt. So welcome to the real world and I think that ALL public sector workers should pay higher contributions towards their pension pot during their working life.
  15. the pension scheme was a sweetie to get staff years ago when no one wanted the civil service,there are a lot of good cs staff out there,and yes there are tossers as well.