Public Sector non-jobs galore!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vegetius, May 16, 2005.

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  1. One of my hobbies is scanning the public sector jobs pages of The Guardian. I used to get really angry about the ridiculous public sector jobs that basically create a politically-correct, salaried cadre of Neu Arbeit voters but now, as I realise that the regime will probably last forever, I instead chuckle at it with other members of The Resistance.

    Anyhow, one blog has put together a small sample of some of these very well-paid but completely pointelss jobs which you can enjoy at Blithering Bunny.

    Remember, kids, they can't afford ECBA or ammo. Oh no.

  2. I worry for you, Vegetius :D
  3. I did once see in the Torygraph a couple of public sector jobs.

    Street Scene Manager- circa £35k. Found out it means your the Pl Comd for the road sweepers and bin men.

    Street Numbering and Naning Officer- circa £24k for 2 days a week. Do they sit in their office playing cards until a new street is made and then have to come up with the name?

    Almost forgot, the best one was Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator.

    "How's the job going IdleCivilServant?"

    "Fine Sir. Have ordered the half bricks for Fridays riot and I'm having a co-ord conference for the graffiti boys. Oh, I had a call from the Chavs at the shops. They wont be there tonight to terrorise old grannies, Mike is ill and Dwaine is having underage sex tonight."

    "Well keep up the good work"
  4. ...although I rather fancy the one looking for:
  5. If you find any that are total non jobs but with loadsa money in Andover, please let me know.
  6. If you think that's bad have you looked at the civil service jobs website? :roll:
  7. Im due out in August, sounds right up my street Whiskybreath.
  8. That's a council paedo job that would have been approved of by Margaret Hodge...the lady who smeared a sex abuse victim that should have been protected by her council. :evil:
  9. What did she smear with? I find OMD 90 works well.
  10. Council issue Vaseline?

    No. I think she called him "disturbed" or something along the "you're a nutter" lines.
  11. hey i'm temping in theses jobs although my manager does'nt want me doing any work.
    I've got to redo my support plan for a young man my orgainsation is housing although he's working full time got a car and a steady girlfriend had been in nick when he was 15 he's now 20.
    quote everyone has prolbems you need to evidence them :roll:
    he's only with us as he does'nt earn enough to rent in the public Sector so I think I'll make him depressed and autsitic :twisted: then split the dla claim :roll:
    not sure which was the funneir teenage pregancy coordinator
    or alcohol and violence coordinator though you could save money and combine the two posts :wink: