Public sector jobs spree despite Brown pledge

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Aug 5, 2004.

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  1. After offering up over 100,000 for the cull seems Brown needs a few new people .

    Jobs on offer include:

    Liveability manager @ £45,279

    Integrated enforcement co-ordinator" @ £33,642

    Improving working lives co-ordinator @ 29,000

    Cycle programme manager @ £45,939

    and best of all...

    Vulnerable adults abuse co-ordinator @ £37,260 and you guessed it the last one was for Islington borough council.

    Are these real jobs are they having a laarf.
  2. All advertised in the Guardian no doubt. It seems the Guardian is becoming the official mouthpiece of the Labour party.

    If you remember the old clause 4 of the Labour party manifest that stated the objective of any Labour government would be full employment and the nationalisation of all infrastructure. It seems that by dropping clause 4 they are still trying to achieve the same ends by other means. If you can't own it then co-ordinate it. These are all non-jobs that serve no real puropse, do nothing of value, add nothing of benefit except to provide jobs for all the hemp wearing Morris Minor driving worthless individuals who never quite got out of student activism and into the real world. The typical "Co-Ordinator" is someone who's career is one long committee meeting and who couldn't actually co-ordinate a pi55-up in a brewery if left to their own devices without a staff of 20 to do their work for them.

    Open up the pit, smelt the brass and get the lime ready, I feel a cull come on! When the revolution comes brothers, when the revolution comes! :twisted:
  3. Hear hear!

    These people contribute NOTHING to the wealth or happiness of the UK. Like their pals in Parliament, these people have neither created a single job nor generated any wealth from their activities in the private sector. They consume treasure - not generate it.

    And with all these people beavering away at whatever the fcuk they do, has anything actually changed???????

    We have more managers than beds in the NHS yet hospital infections increase, people still wait on trolleys in A&E.

    Trains still don't run on time.

    Coppers still don't catch enough criminals.

    Kids still get abused/ murdered.

    If LOCAL people were allowed to PROPERLY elect their local council jobsworth, raise taxes locally for local government, there is NO WAY they would tolerate rising Council Tax bills to fund these non-jobs. They would be found out and turfed out.

    But, Central Government insist on interfering. Nothing will ever improve until these Central Planners fcuk off and let local people decide for THEMSELVES what they are prepared to pay for.

    They want the Cops to do their job, wards to be cleaned, kids taught to Read, Write and Count, their bins emptied, their streets cleaned, old folks cared for and the streets cleaned. They don't want some tosser to co-ordinate their Street Furniture.
  4. I am now a civil servant, working as an accident investigator. Industrial accidents cost the country an incredible amount of money, and our work demonstrably helps keep this down. However, looking back on my last 3 months work, I find that I have spent exactly 1/3 of my time actually in contact with any real workers/managers/businessmen, and the rest engaged in filling forms for beancounters. Many of these forms are to explain how I spend my time, but do not allow me to put down 'filling forms for beancounters.' There is way too much fear of unaccountable decisions. Having spent several months back in uniform recently (thank you reserve forces act 1995!) and ben reminded of the army way, where decisions are taken and a name attached, I think the Civil Service could learn a lot. What makes all of this frightening to me is that the govt (and the tories) think that businessmen have all the answers to efficiency. They don't. I deal with them. We now have the worst of both worlds in the public sector, with plainly daft ideas of 'business efficiency' being applied to non-commercial enterprises, and layer upon layer of arrse covering office wallahs. It's like wading through treacle.
  5. So Islington needs someone to co-ordinate the abuse of Vulnerable Adults?
    sounds easy enough, where do I sign? :twisted:

    If that job has gone, is there one for Vulnerable Adult Abuse coordinator's Co-ordinator?


    ...and anyone who has done the local council canvassing thing, cannot say in all honesty, thet this is NOT what the people demand.

    The common refrain is always "What exactly are you spending/going to spend my money on?"

    People are not interested in funding yet another "Urban regeneration fluffy mural" scheme, when they have crime and drug dealers on their front door.

    Locally, we have just had a rather well co-ordinated protest by the local residents on a frankly bloody awful estate.

    It's not the fault of the majority of the residents,that the estate is in rag order but it is the fault of previous incumbent councillors, who frankly,pissed the money set aside for regeneration , up the wall on feasibilty studies , and other frippery.

    The work to renovate is only about a 1/4 done, and the whole place is turning into Beirut High Street. The residents have had enough, and rightly so.

    Spend our money on improving the quality of our lives and services, NOT on the latest "feel good" initative.
  7. Didn't think mass graves applied? :twisted:

    Note to self: Must remember to use a quote to deal with any other bugger beating me to the submit key and making my response look like gibberish. I write enough crap without anyother help! :oops:
  8. but if they did that they wouldn't have all those lovely sound bites to reuse on a regular basis :evil:
  9. ...........And another thing, is the "Five a day" co-ordinator's job still up for grabs? as I have at least five w*nks a day, I believe I am uniquely qualified to deliver the goals in a target-driven enviroment. :D
  10. I concur with PTP's comments. Having been a local councillor I can speak with experience. The arrogance of some of the paid staff at councils is breathtaking. On a number of occasions I was told, after asking questions, that their jobs would be so much easier without elected councillors getting in the way of their schemes.

    Unfortunately, as with central government, many people don't seem to understand that voting for Labour is a guarantee that you will end up with this sort of madness!
  11. Did we need play co-ordinators 30 years ago? No, kids just went out and played.

    Did we need diversity co-ordinators 30 yeasrs ago? No we knew people from different countries had different cultures and we didn't need someone on £45k a year to point that out to us.

    Did we need "Asylum co-ordinators" 30 years ago? No, because we weren't seen as an economic haven that the unscrupulous could exploit and the economically less well off would travel to to claim off.

    Did we need "Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender rights co-ordinators" 30 years ago? No, because they were as they are now a minority that is no greater a proportion of society than today.

    The fact is that we don't need these people. Society managed for thousands of years to interact so why over the last few years since the emergence of political correctness and the "victim/compensation/rights" culture more and more of our effort is being taxed off us and given to people to appease some liberal guilt. I earn my pay and I want it spent on a law and order system that locks criminals up and punishes people properly for anti-social behavior. It should not pander to criminals by turning logic no it's head by seeing them as victims. I want it spent on schools that teach discipline and the essential knowledge for life where kids come out abble to read, write and add up. I do not want it spent on co-ordinators and idealogues who try and erase our past, make our kids feel guilty, and who come out of school unable to cope because teachers can no longer mark a piece of work in red ink and say something is wrong when it clearly is in case the kid's esteem is damaged. I want a health service that treats illnesses and where beds and faciltiies are clean, well maintained, and available. It could be done if we stopped wasting money on prioritising minority issues and illnesses over acute care. I want a well funded armed forces. I want a lean system of government. I want smaller universities that have not dumbed down to meet a political agenda. I want fewer speed cameras that serve no purpose except to raise money. I want money that is wasted on grand gestures of ego like the Millenium Dome scrapped and the money refunded. I want us to stop paying money to Brussels in order for Brussels to screw us over. I want road taxes spent on roads and transport.

    I do NOT want my money spent turning this country into a wooly-minded liberal enclave of the "third way" where the greatest crime is to question the liberal ideaology of our self-appointed moral superiors.

  12. Woopert! I know your father and I don't think he would be very happy with you using language like that.
  13. Can a non-resident alien put in for one of these "jobs?"

    If so, can I do it over the Internet or just phone in?

    I'm your man for this "cycle manager" deal. I've been riding a bicycle since I was six years old.
  14. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Woppert, what a fantastic and stirring speech - you're not related to Col Tim Collins on the distaff side by any chance? :wink: I virtually heard a rising chorus of "Hope & Glory" as I read that - may we look forward to you becoming the Rt Hon The Secretary of State for Defence in future years? I do hope so...

    Yet another reason for a Forces party to field a candidate I think!

    And I want a pint in the Stranger's Bar when you are in situ! But by the time you get in New Labour will have changed the name because "Starnger's" is so, you know, excluding of transgendered ethnic minorities...

  15. I've heard him use worse in the Wardroom!

    If I were there today I think there is 1 MP who is slightly younger then me, ergo more experience required! Frankly I don't believe that there is a political party that I would wish to represent. New Labour? Forget it! I can't think of any political entity more at odds with my views and morality if I tried. The Conservatives are flapping in the wind without a hope in hell because instead of doing as Labour did and changing the political landscape they are trying to be like New Labour and "popularist". LibDems? Well PtP may disagree but they are a spent political force and no matter how many minot %age point increments they may gain at mid-term elections and local government they are and always will be "Also Ran's"

    So what does that leave? Minority or single-issue parties like UKIP. I might as well join the fukcing Natural Law Party for all they are worth!

    Bring back proper Conservatism. People WANT solid law and order with criminals behind bars doing hard time. They want schools that make pupils wear uniform, teach right from wrong (not human rights, there's a huge difference people!) and instill a sense ofg history and purpose and prepare our kids to face the rigours of a life that won't be as "PC" as the schools and will do more than just put a big red "X" next to a wrong answer! We want well run public services at both national and local level that do not require "Co-Ordinators" and "Facilitators" that do nothing but pander to minority interests. I'd rather have the cash that is wasted on these £45k a year non-jobs either put into buying hospital and school equipment or paying doctors, nurses, and teachers, or just returned to us to help pay off the spiralling debt our mortgages and other commitments that the Govt like to artificially inflate create (when I heard we should "get used" to paying 80p a litre for petrol by a Govt hack my gut reaction wasn't to blame OPEC as the Junior Transport no-body did but to want a reduction in the 68.5p per litre direct and indirect taxation that the Govt puts on the sale of petrol instead making it more affordable that way!).

    This isn't hard. It is common sense, it is pragmatic, but no political party is willing to grasp the nettle. Politics has gone too left-wing and too short-term now to be a viable force for good in anyone's life. The apathy has set in. People are used to being ripped off by the Govt. We are disenfranchised by the political ruling class that ignore the will of the people and promote their own agenda of spreading a morass of morale ambiguity. I fear the only way to recapture democracy is to dispense with it, and that worries me!