Public schoolboy shoots himself 'with father's gun'

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Obviously not well enough, unless he WANTED to top himself.
  2. RezzaDue

    RezzaDue Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Got it in one!!

    "A teenage boy found dead after apparently shooting himself with his father's gun was a member of a school's cadet force which trains youngsters how to fire semi-automatic rifles, it emerged today. "

    Boy, 16, found dead at home 'after shooting himself with his father's gun' | Mail Online

    It almost reads that it wasnt public knowledge that cadet forces use bangsticks
  3. The Borg Backlash continues.
  4. The arrsehole, he could have chosen a less messy option.

    His father will have to redecorate now.
  5. Semi auto? I thought gas parts weren't on the GP?
  6. I found the Mail article particularly unpleasant.

    It seems to make much of this lads participation in the school's CCF, with such shocking revelations as they use the L98A2 which can fre 60 rounds a minute (their words).

    In actual fact, the CCF activities seem to be completely unrelated to ths lad getting hold of his FATHER'S gun and shooting himself... now, if he'd been issued an L98A2 and a 5.56mm ball and shot himself I'd see the relevance.

    Basically, 'gun killed teenager, gun's are bad, CCF uses guns, CCF's bad'.

    I don't wish to be heartless, but the firearm didn't kill this lad... he did for reasons that were valid to him.

    Had he hung himself would the CCF be getting this attentiion due to the knot tying instruction Cadets receive? What if he had just thrown 60 paracetamol down his neck?
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  7. The A1 was hand cranked.

    L98A2 is semi-auto and has a flash eliminator, thus allowing fitting of the BFA. Also they did away with the aweful cadet sight.
  8. Awful cadet sight? Got me some ******* ace groupings that thing did.

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  9. No indication that it was intentional, maybe he just ND'd with a shotgun. It happens.
  10. don't be daft, he's a kid, kids play computer games, computer games don't answer back so they'll blame computer games.....easier (and more hated) target.
  11. Apologies, I must have misread the article, in between its wierdly slanted comments re CCF.

  12. Hello! Welcome to the modern world...
  13. Just as it's obviously the fault of all the driving schools that we have road traffic collisions...

    You can keep on drawing these eroneous conculsions to the cows come home.
  14. Well at least he didn't die a virgin.


    because looking at that jumper, he'd never cop off unless it was with a desperate born again christian