Public Property / Non Public Property - Definition?

Good evening all -

Can anyone give a definition of what is 'Public Property' and what is 'Non Public Property'

Ive had a quick mooch on ARRSEpedia and no joy so...... anyone know?


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In the Mess?

The tables and chairs that came through the system via the QM are Public Property (ie, paid for by the public through taxes)
The Stereo that was purchased through Mess Subs is Non-Public (ie paid for by the members of the Mess, not the Public Purse)

I think that's right anyway.
Simple really:

Public Property is that which is paid for by the tax payer (uniform, etc...)

Non Public Property is that which is not paid for by the tax payer (flat screen tv in the mess that was paid for out of mess funds).

That's my interpretation anyway. I'm sure that I will be corrected on here numerous times if I am mistaken :lol:
^ Both right. Anything purchased through mess funds or PRI is non-public. And anything that the tax-payer has payed for is the publics property.
Many thanks.... My suspicions were confirmed!

The Frau is in for a job interview tommrow, and part of her job was accounting for both!

Narurally as l always pay attention at Mess Meetings (!!) l wanted to give her technically accurate information!
Cheers :)

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