Public over reaction to soldiers 'not observing 2 minutes silence'

I agree it looks as though they are waiting before the 2 minutes silence, which I suspect is more accurate.

If not, then no doubt they will all be in the sh1t.


I agree wityh you Moody. & I notice the Wooton Basset clip showed -11 mins.
So Colchester will be about 1050.
Its in a barracks FFS, there would obviously be a 'badge' there waiting to 'bring them up'. There is no way that this was taken during the 2 mins silence. Do people think they just all happened to form up and stand around chatting because they had nothing better to do............a non story here!
The first comment timed at 11:08. Can I assume that the author ran all the way home from his/her local memorial service saw it on the telly or was our armchair hero sat at home stuffing his/her face with Pringles and diet coke?
Apparently it's all you can expect from people who murder little brown babies for fun.

Just had phonecall from a friend who was on camp at that memorial this morning and they confirmed that the footage filmed of the blokes chatting was taken before the 2 minutes silence. So yet again a case of bad editing, and the outrage gang going spastic for no reason.
I think you'll find that the key to this is the ITV crew got their timings wrong but bunged it into the system anyway. I thought the BBC was bad, but ITV is shockingly pisspoor even by comparison to Auntie.
Not only was this footage taken before the two minutes silence, but it wasnt even in the correct locationfor the parade!

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