Public Military Events

I run a small det and tonight I had a visit from the Chairman of the local Normandy Veterans association wanting some cadets to help usher people at an unveiling ceremont at the end of the month.

I told him that I would try but ordinarily need a minimum of six weeks notice to get the request in to our HQ for approval. He was a aware of this and said that he'd never come across the same problem with either the ATC or the SCC.

Is my county jumping through unnecessary hoops or are we all doing it?
We have a six to eight week lead time in London. This only applies if we want any kit from the QM, Vehicles or food. For short notice no support events we normally get them through in three weeks.

Pays to grease the wheels at Christmas with a few drinks for the permanent staff.
It is only a PME if your presence is going to be known to the general public prior to the event, i.e. it is advertised. If the public don't know you're going to be there it's a private event. It is the police that need six weeks notice. Check with the Chairman to see if he has informed the police and get him to tell them that ACF will be present.

Solutions are Us.
same in essex, we had to do it in order to go and shake a bucket for a couple of hrs.
Same for us up here in Scotland, We need to give six weeks notice to BHQ so the TSA can see all the risk assesment etc etc

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