Public Finances going down the crapper

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. ...a bit faster than even Alistair Darling thought possible.

    July 2009 Tax revenues: £24.1bn
    July 2008 Tax revenues: £44.1bn

    July 2009 Net Borrowing: £8.0Bn
    July 2008 Net Borrowing: -£5.2bn

    And as for overall public borrowing, well........

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  2. Alistair who?
  3. They're already down the crapper.

    Currently we're hurtling through the sewer pipes...
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Its going to be around 1 trillion pounds, which is the equivalent of about 1 years entire GDP, and it all has to be repayed. The interest payments alone are the equivalent of the entire defence budget, great aint it.
  5. It is an outrage! 'Clown' Brown should be arrested and charged with gross dereliction of duty in a public office.

    The 'spiv' Bliar should be arrested and similarly charged and further charged with failing to control (through cowardice) his Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    The administrations of Wilson, 'Traitor' Heath and Callaghan were disasters but they were nothing, absolutely nothing, compared with the ineptitude, inefficiencies and wholesale incompetence of this awful government.
  6. Looks like we can't even afford a revolution....or a small coup?
  7. Not to worry, I'm sure Cyclops will be along just shortly to lead us out of this.

    Gordon, Gordon, are you there :?
  8. It's those pesky Tories I tells yer!

    If it wasn't for Maggie Thatcher blah blah and Rhodesia, drool, Colonies blah blah Concentration Camps (can I say that?), imperialism, wibble, working man, waffle dribble, coal mines, gack spoon, strikes, oilywobble fairness, I'd not forget what I was prevaricating and obfuscating about.

    If we pay all the people to be state-aid recipients, then all the people who create the money to pay the state-aid participants no longer exist, and no wealth is created, which means that not only can the state not pay it's captive recipients, it ceases to be a state in its own right. It becomes the world-bank-aid recipient and belong to them.

    A bit like a gangster's b!tch.
  9. Maybe, just maybe the government won't make it so easy for large businesses and businessmen to evade paying their taxes or giving them taxpayers money to allow them to mae up their profits.

    If the government stopped the tax evasion by the FTSE 100 companies and all their employees it would make up any shortfall, instead we're pumping billions into these companies, knowing that when they start to turn a profit again they'll be using the same tax evasion stuff that's cost this country hundreds of billions over the last decade.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And watch them relocate to another country....

    What's needed is a massive cut in the amount of money the government spends (hint: that is what has cost this country hundreds of billions), a reduction in the tax burden and the scene set for more companies to set up and operate here. The government does not create jobs, business does.

  11. They won't relocate to another country, too much money to be made in the UK, and if they were to relocate the new country where they make their money would do the same.

    Yes the government need to cut down what it spends, but nobody really knows the truth in what is happening with the spending, it's alright to say cuts need to be made in the social servicing area, but where and how much?
  12. Nice idea in principle, in practice getting a small amount of money is better than getting no money at all.
  13. The last thing this Labour government needs is more tax! They've had sh!t loads of money and they've p!ssed it all away, why on earth give them anymore??

    If you want to know where the cuts come from start with the Guardian jobs section. Why the hell do we pay people to look into peoples bins, why does the NHS lay on interpretors for foreign nationals, why the H&S Nazis, why a 'dance tsar', why does the government saddle companies with petty, spiteful red tape, diversity quotas and such like.

    Get rid of all that sh!te, dispense with the people who do all those parasitical non jobs and get back to Britain being a country where people take a bit of personal responsibility rather than looking to the state every time something goes wrong.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Don't you believe it:

  15. There's quite a number of medium, large and huge companies that have or are relocating outside the UK because of the tax regime here.

    To these massive employers of people, a 1/2% rise in any tax can mean millions wiped off their bottom line - whether this be Employers NI contributions or Corporation tax, the slightest increase in one tax or another, on these scales, mean huge changes to the bottom line.

    It's often cheaper to move headquarters and plants to a completely different country than continue to lose 10's of millions in this one because of a screwed economy and lousy tax regime.