Public figures given O2 thief tags

An idea that stemmed from a recent thread about Naomi Campbell being an oxygen thief;

We could have our very own "ARRSE O2 thief of the week". Five public figures are chosen every week to compete for condemnation for being mongs. The winner of each week goes into the ARRSE gallery of shame awards with a suitable photo (ie. ugly feckers) and a brief description of why they won that award?
Cracking idea - O2 Thief of the week tag, photo in gallery, then a poll for O2 thief of the year!

Maybe a challenge to see which Arrser can find the worst photo of the candidates.
We don't have enough of our own that we have to draft them in from outside??
So how about a Mod from current affairs chooses 5 public figures per week. The thread is a "sticky" for that week; a poll is running and people can add their comments.

The gallery of shame goes up on arrsepedia perhaps? At the end of the year we can vote for our O2 thief of the year!
Yet we would refuse to use words such as "dumbass", because it's a vulgar septic word

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