Public enemy No.1: Father Christmas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Monocled_Mutineer, Nov 15, 2005.

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  1. Swiss Santas are banned from sitting children on their laps
    By Kate Connolly in Berlin
    (Filed: 15/11/2005)
    Swiss Santa Clauses have been banned from sitting children on their laps because of the risk that they might be accused of paedophilia. The Society of St Nicholases issued the ruling to its 100 professional members after parents expressed concern about close contact between their children and the men.
    In Switzerland, as in much of mainland Europe, it is St Nicholas, rather than Father Christmas, who delivers presents to children's homes.
    "Samiklaus," as he is known in Swiss German, turns up on Dec 6 rather than the night of the 24th. Large groups of St Nicholases parade through the streets that day before visiting children. They traditionally sit them on their laps before asking if they have been well-behaved.
    "We want to counteract any possible accusations of paedophilia involving our members," the Society of St Nicholas said in a statement. "We regret having to do this, but the public has become very sensitive about child abuse."
    Walter Furrer, president of Zurich's Society of Nicholases, said the rule had been introduced after a flurry of calls to the society from parents.
    "This measure is above all to protect our Nicholases," he said, adding that the decision had provoked heated debate in the usually sedate world of Swiss Santa Clauses.

    All I have to say is WTF is happening?

    Are we running scared of everything?
  2. this is nothing new at my little un's school panto thing last year santa was banned from touching kids in anyway.
  3. next we'll be stopping children putting their old teeth under the pillow to prevent an un-supervised adult being in the room with a child!!!!
  4. That is just absolutely bl.oody crazy!

    The whole point of Christmas is going to sit on Santa's lap. Does this mean there will be a 'no child zone' around Mr. Claus, imagine the poor old timers straining to hear the children from the 2 meters wide safety zone imposed by the PC brigade!
    "You want what for Christmas my dear? A hexed lock!??"

    "No, Santa I said X-BOX"

    FFS Santa doesn't stand a chance of getting his list right!! :? 8O

    Seriously though, this is again another bout of madness, provoked by a few yet ruining it for the masses. Yes, I understand that there are some bad men about, but I imagine (and hope!) that there are such vetting proceedures in place for this.
    Without human contact the world is a much poorer place! Why are people committed to sterilising the world we live in!? It isn't always safe, and it isn't always pretty but the lesson to be learnt is that life is not like that anyway. Grrrrrrrr :evil:

    Admittedly though, it was always the elves being the naughty ones anyway!
  5. Oh, I ALWAYS hated sitting in Santa's lap. I suspected the mall Santas of being pervs at a very early age. I used to try and pee on them so I wouldn't have to sit there.

    I was a precocious child. :)
  6. TY - I believe peeing on paedos is a form of perversion and you should not be allowed to sit on anyone's lap as a consequence!
  7. It's not the sitting on the lap that's usually the problem, it's the trail of festively wrapped smarties leading to the boiler house.
  8. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Just been a case of that in Inverness where the Hospital refused to hand back teeth to a kid because they were a "biohazard"

    I wish it was ajoke but it's not as I've just finished writing a protocol for extarcted teeth round here as a result! If you're really interested I'll send it to anybody who wants it!
  9. The tooth? ;-) :lol:
  10. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Give us a minute to finish this patient and yep there should be a spare one! :twisted:
  11. this is just crazy, how about we ban the eater rabbit too, to prevent him from supplying potentialy calorific heart attack inducing treats.............................pure madness